Segments in this Video

What Is Communication? (02:09)


There are two types of communication – verbal, and non-verbal. Listen to and watch examples of both types.

Tell the Truth (01:26)

The way things are said can make a big impact on the way people respond. It is important to think of the feelings of others and be kind. Join this activity asking viewers to name types of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Being Friendly (02:37)

Praise people for the good things they do. A compliment is saying something nice to someone, and helps in making friends. Join this activity on strategies to communicate in a friendly way.

Getting Along With Others (03:13)

Watch an example showing how facial expressions and vocal tone impact communication. Listen to a list of tips for getting along with people. Join this activity asking for tips for playing games.

Talking to Adults (02:37)

Listen to a list of tips for successfully talking to adults. Watch a bad and good example of getting a teacher's attention.

Credits: Getting Along: Positive Communication (00:36)

Credits: Getting Along: Positive Communication

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Getting Along: Positive Communication

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The development of communication skills in children can help build positive interpersonal relationships. Effective communication skills help children to manage their emotions and to solve conflict without violence. This program looks at the communication skills needed to initiate, develop and maintain friendships at the individual and group level. Verbal and non-verbal skills are investigated, demonstrating why children need to be aware that there are different communication skills for different situations and audiences. Specific communication skills for interacting with adults are also investigated.

Length: 14 minutes

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