Segments in this Video

Research and Evidence (03:34)


Pip is given an assignment to write a persuasive paper. She is inspired to convince her school to provide better lunches. She reads tips on how to be persuasive.

Include a Rebuttal (02:16)

Pip helps out on an advertising shoot. She continues to read tips on how to be persuasive. Listen to other points of view.

Summarize Main Points (02:44)

Pip begins gathering evidence and collecting data. She reviews a persuasive argument template. Listen to an excerpt from her paper.

Provide Solutions (02:28)

Pip gets a good grade on her paper. She is given the assignment of writing an informative paper.

Credits: The Art of Persuasive Writing (00:46)

Credits: The Art of Persuasive Writing

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The Art of Persuasive Writing

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Having the right tools and approach to being persuasive can give you the power to achieve what you want, and even influence people to make a real difference in the world. This program guides students through the persuasive writing procedure and offers tips for reaching a desired outcome. Students will see the power of a well thought out and balanced argument with Pip, our main character, bringing about change at her school and even at home.

Length: 13 minutes

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