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Acids and Bases in the Home (00:49)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of common acids, their opposites, and their properties.

What are Acids? (01:37)

Acids are corrosive and lose a positive hydrogen ion when placed in water.

What are Bases? (01:51)

Bases eat away proteins and lose a negative hydroxide ion when placed in water. Compare acids and bases.

pH and Indicators (04:12)

The pH scale indicates the strength of an acid or base; acids have a low pH and bases have a high pH. An indicator changes color under different conditions. Learn how to make your own indicator.

Acids and Bases around the House (04:25)

Create a color chart for your indicator. Identify which common household products are acids and which are bases.

Mixing Acids and Bases (03:26)

Combining an acid and a base results in a neutral pH level and some kind of salt and water. See what happens when you combine hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, and sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

Credits: Acids and Bases in the Home (01:29)

Credits: Acids and Bases in the Home

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Acids and Bases in the Home

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This program familiarizes students with the features of acids and bases, and discusses their physical and chemical properties. The pH scale is introduced with examples of strong and weak acids and bases and the concept of neutral substances is explored. The use of indicators to test the pH of acids and bases is explained, as well as showing the variety of indicators available and their specific uses. Students are shown how to make their own red cabbage indicator in the kitchen, and examples of acids and bases commonly found in the home are discussed. A description of neutralization reactions and their products concludes the program.

Length: 18 minutes

Item#: BVL94182

ISBN: 978-1-60057-914-1

Copyright date: ©2009

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