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Value of Nursing Teams (05:21)


Team nursing reaches goals through group action with shared responsibility and accountability. They include a nurse unit manager (NUM), registered nurse, endorsed enrolled nurse, nursing assistant, and a clinical nurse specialist. Hear why communication and trust are important for teamwork.

Forming a Nursing Team (06:04)

Team size, skill set, and budget are factors. Members should be cooperative and willing to share information. Personality types should be considered; conflicts should be resolved immediately; and members should be involved in decision making. Mistakes should be reported for learning.

Functioning as a Team (05:30)

Nursing teams function effectively when members have ownership over decisions. Communication, cooperation, and collaboration are crucial and cliques are detrimental. A unified vision helps the team focus and appreciation and recognition boosts morale. Socializing personalizes member experiences. Hear conflict resolution skills.

Secrets of a Successful Team (03:56)

Successful nursing teams are synergistic and synchronous. Leaders should encourage member input, use transparency in allocating responsibility, promote communication, and build trust. Team benefits include reduced sick leave, greater cooperation, continuity of care, problem solving, and member support.

Credits: Team Building for Nurses (00:32)

Credits: Team Building for Nurses

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Team nursing is founded on a philosophy that supports the achievement of goals through group action. Under the team nursing model, all members are encouraged to make suggestions and share ideas. Successful implementation of team nursing results in high levels of job satisfaction and strong motivation to give better care. This video provides nurse unit managers and nursing team members with the knowledge and practical tools needed to develop a highly effective nursing team. From forming a new team and day-to-day functioning of a team, to the secrets of a successful team, this comprehensive and insightful resource illustrates exactly why teams work best. Produced in Australia.

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