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GCI and Backtracking (04:42)


Learn how to use the Guess, Check, and Improve system to solve single variable linear equations. View demonstrations of the backtracking method.

Balancing Method (04:45)

Learn how to balance single variable linear equations.

Working with Fractions (03:06)

View demonstrations of how to solve single variable linear fractions with fractions using the backtracking method.

Using Formulae (05:24)

View a demonstration of how to find freshwater and sea water densities in kilograms per square meter, using the backtracking method. View a demonstration of how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, using the balance method.

Inequalities (04:52)

View a demonstration of how to use inequalities to express tide water levels. View demonstrations of how to use the balance method to solve single variable linear equations with inequalities, including multiplying or dividing negative numbers.

Credits: Solving Linear Equations (00:41)

Credits: Solving Linear Equations

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Solving Linear Equations

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Linear equations may appear confusing at first glance, but there’s a very clear logic to them once you understand how they work. In this program, we use a variety of fun and engaging real-world examples to provide an engaging context to bring linear equations to life. Using guess, check and improve, balance, and backtracking methods for solving equations, the program takes students through the process of finding numerical solutions to various types of single variable linear equations, including ones with fractions and inequalities.

Length: 24 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-68272-224-4

Copyright date: ©2011

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