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Numerical Patterns (03:07)


Algebra helps us study numerical patterns. Hong Kong is the world's most densely populated city; we find number patterns involving Hong Kong high rises.

Introducing Pronumerals (03:37)

Pronumerals or variables are letters that represent numbers. Learn to express relations between variables algebraically, and solve equations, in word problem situations.

Number Patterns and Shapes (03:36)

Learn to express information about shape patterns using algebraic equations: c=2L+1.

Order of Operations (02:35)

In Hong Kong's Central Plaza Building, lights cycle through colors. A formula related to this uses subtraction and multiplication. We multiply and divide before we add and subtract.

Order of Operations and Brackets (01:44)

This word problem requires adding before division. Using brackets allows us to follow the order of operations. BEMDAS is a mnemonic device for the order of operations.

Order of Operations: Exponents (02:06)

A formula shows how air temperature changes at the Great Wall of China over a twelve hour period; we apply the order of operations and solve the equation for a variable.

Simplifying Expressions (03:06)

In Asia, many people travel by scooter or bike. Learn to simplify an expression by adding coefficients of like terms, for a formula involving the number of people and scooters, or people and bikes.

Credits: Algebra: The Basics (00:21)

Credits: Algebra: The Basics

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Algebra is one of the most powerful forms of mathematics we have devised. It helps us to study numerical patterns, and requires us to write them down in a special system of symbols. To understand how algebra works in this way, in this exciting program we travel to Hong Kong to search for patterns. This program explains the basic concepts of algebra including number patterns, pronumerals, algebraic expressions, order of operations and expanding and simplifying. The natural and city landscapes of Asia are used to bring to life these abstract concepts for students who are new to algebra or refining their skills. 

Length: 21 minutes

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