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Purpose of a Bridge (04:40)


Learn about the process of engineers follow when planning to build a bridge. Environmental impacts must be taken into consideration.

Why Do Bridges Collapse? (05:06)

The reason for the collapse of a bridge can be found in the communication between the owner, the designers, and the builders. When a bridge is designed, constructional materials must be thoroughly understood.

Types of Bridges (06:01)

Technology has effected the construction of bridges. Learn about various types of bridges and the benefits of each. Concrete is a common material in bridge construction.

Effective Bridge Designs (03:31)

For any bridge, the essential condition is that it remains standing with a reasonable load. Learn about the importance of static equilibrium and torsion.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (05:46)

Learn about this 1940 bridge collapse. Designers work backwards from the point of bridge failure. Balcott explains the challenges of building a bridge.

Credits: Building Bridges: The Physics of Construction (00:48)

Credits: Building Bridges: The Physics of Construction

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Building Bridges: The Physics of Construction

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This program examines the variety of bridge designs and the types of materials available. Learn about the concepts of torque and static force in bridge safety and watch the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Length: 27 minutes

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