Segments in this Video

Hospitality: Job Applications (05:09)


HR representatives describe their recruitment process, whether or not they conduct social media checks and what a successful application entails.

Hospitality: Job Interviews (07:10)

HR representatives describe their interview process, characteristics they look for in a candidate and any checks and testing they might require.

Hospitality: The Induction Process (06:21)

HR representatives explain their policies on training new employees, expectations they have of new employees and what their probationary period entails.

Hospitality: Your Probationary Period (06:29)

HR representatives describe what to expect during the probationary period, how they handle unsatisfactory or excellent job performance and ongoing training after the probationary period ends.

Hospitality: Industry Insights (03:04)

HR representatives discuss their own careers and how they came to be in charge of hiring new employees.

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Interested in a career in hospitality? Get an insider’s perspective on what makes a good job application, a successful interview, what to expect in the induction process, and the type of assessments at the end of the probationary period in the hospitality industry. Interviewees also provide personal insights into the unexpected career paths that have led them to their current position in the industry.

Length: 29 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-68272-136-0

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