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Importance of How People Talk about Their Business (02:22)


Carolyn Stafford explains that the way you talk about your business to others is crucial to success. Enthusiasm engages an audience.

What is Branding? (02:02)

Branding dates back centuries; it is the sum of tangible and intangible parts of a business. Goodwill, trademark, and the customer experience are intangibles.

What is Verbal Branding? (03:28)

The verbal brand is one of four parts of branding; it is possibly the most undervalued aspect. Businesses must create something that is worth talking about. Stafford explains what a company wants its employees to say about the business.

How do We Encourage Positive Talk? (03:18)

Stafford explains a writing exercise that can help generate positive language. What we believe about the value of our work is apparent in our language.

"How's Business?" (01:37)

Using the word "busy" prohibits an opportunity for further discussion about your business. Take the opportunity to talk up your business.

Other Verbal Branding Opportunities (02:04)

Stafford illustrates a weak use of a branding opportunity in a banking scenario. Come from the customer's perspective--take the opportunity to meet the customer's needs.

Credits: Talking Up Your Business (00:24)

Credits: Talking Up Your Business

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Peter Quarry and Carolyn Stafford, director of Connect Marketing and author of Small Business, Big Brand, discuss verbal branding—an undervalued aspect of marketing. This program investigates how we talk about our jobs and workplaces, how to encourage positive language, and the numberous opporutnities to promote a business that can arrise in casual interactions.

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