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What is Discrimination? (01:48)


Discrimination in the workplace is unfair treatment because of a personal characteristic. Unfair treatment practices can involve promotions and work allocation.

Revealing a Pregnancy (02:33)

It is illegal for a prospective employer to ask if a woman is pregnant or planning to start a family. Eve Ash suggests not disclosing a pregnancy at a job interview and to investigate work practices to prepare for the future.

Performance Management with Foreign Workers (01:45)

Focus on required employee competency and do not generalize. Poor performance requires management.

Gender Specific Role (01:56)

You cannot look for a specific gender when hiring unless a physical characteristic is required. Understand the characteristics you are looking, identify the competencies, and perform work tests.

What Do You Do When You Feel Discriminated Against? (02:49)

Repeated deliberate exclusion that makes someone uncomfortable is a form of bullying. Report discriminatory behavior to your HR department or look online for a government body that supports discrimination concerns.

Is Yelling Discrimination? (01:22)

Yelling can be an indicator of several things including: a performance issue, personality conflict, discrimination.

Workplace Discrimination Summary (00:37)

This segment reviews the main points about discrimination discussed in this video.

Credits: Q&A: Discrimination in the Workplace (01:20)

Credits: Q&A: Discrimination in the Workplace

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Q&A: Discrimination in the Workplace

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The need to understand what constitutes workplace discrimination is becoming increasingly important. How can we distinguish between discrimination and other forms of common, albeit undesirable, behavior? Eve Ash and Peter Quarry address these questions whilst providing sound advice for employers and employees about managing discrimination at work.

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