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10 Mistakes in Marketing: Introduction (02:18)


Psychologist Peter Quarry invites marketing professional Carolyn Stafford to demonstrate the ten most common mistakes business make while trying to advertise their product.

Mistake 1: Losing Sight of the Big Picture (02:09)

Carolyn Stafford offers has a 10-step process for identifying what the "Big Picture" is for a business concerning their customer value proposition.

Mistake 2: Using a Scattergun Approach (01:17)

Without a long-term plan or vision businesses often find themselves only using marketing tools randomly in crisis moments.

Mistake 3: Slashing the Marketing Budget (01:01)

In lean times, businesses typically look for ways to reduce costs and cut spending; Stafford recommends the opposite approach.

Mistake 4: Any Client Will Do (01:02)

By building a willingness to readily accept any client they can get, a business may be setting itself up for turmoil when competing client needs arise.

Mistake 5: Reducing Staff (00:58)

When finances are strained, companies may consider reducing staff members. By doing so, the company may also reduce its ability to attract new clients.

Mistake 6: Communicating Poorly (01:28)

Maintaining effective and informative dialogue with those “already within the fold” is a key element of marketing success that should not be overlooked.

Mistake 7: Stop Networking (00:57)

If a business stops making new contacts, it is likely going to stop making new clients.

Mistake 8: Not Seeking Professional Help (01:26)

Stafford recommends not waiting until the business is in a crisis situation to invite outside professionals to assist the company’s growth.

Mistake 9: Being Slow to Adapt (01:10)

In difficult or changing times, a business should be nimble and ready to adapt to different approaches; adopt new innovations, strategies, or pricing.

Mistake 10: Reduce Investment (02:18)

Investing marketing expenses into technology is the future and the present. Stafford suggests maintaining significant portions of an available marketing budget in online and Internet features.

Credits: 10 Mistakes in Marketing (00:29)

Credits: 10 Mistakes in Marketing

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10 Mistakes in Marketing

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It’s no surprise that a great product or service will be overlooked without effective marketing. Yet many businesses don’t make the most of their marketing spend. In this program, Carolyn Stafford discusses ten common marketing mistakes to help businesses avoid poor or ineffective marketing activities.

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