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Entering Dali's World (02:46)


In 1965, director Jack Bond made an unprecedented film with Spanish artist Salvador Dali. More than four decades later he reflects on his experience.

Artistic Influence (04:00)

As director Jack Bond travels to the museum exhibition he discusses the power of Dali's influence on his work as a filmmaker.

Dali the Cinephile (04:06)

Dali loved film, and over his artistic career he worked with many filmmakers. This ranged from abstract surrealism with Buñel to fiction with Hitchcock, and up to his documentary with Jack Bond.

Arriving at the Exhibition (04:02)

Bond and Lundqvist arrive at the Dali exhibition. They discuss Dali's attitudes and thoughts.

Dali Defining His Terms (04:00)

Jack Bond retells the negotiations for conditions that were required for Dali to agree to making his film. Bond later met those terms; they are demonstrated on screen for Dali to enjoy.

Dali Explained (04:13)

Lundqvist explains the composition of a Dali portrait to a group of schoolchildren. Exhibition attendees describe their impressions of the artist. Dali explains the method of his compositions for the camera.

Dali Amongst the Bourgeoisie (03:42)

When Dali's genius was formally recognized, the establishment welcomed him with open arms. Dali was always ready and willing to take their money and mock the elitists of the art world.

Reminiscing About Dali (04:18)

Bond discusses his encounters and memories of Dali over drinks aboard a steamship. His guests recount their impressions of the artist from their personal studies.

Dali's Puppets (04:21)

By 1965, Dali had an entourage that was part of his living performance. During filming, Dali would not cede to any on camera performer not following his full lead.

Performance Art Defined (02:46)

Intellectual discussions about Dali and his desire to challenge the audience's thoughts continue. On camera, Dali creates two distinct acts of performance art: one intellectually over-criticizing, one hyper-lauding.

Persona and Modern Art (04:30)

Dali's later life became a very public orchestration of his persona. He took time to exert his opinion on contemporary modern art styles.

Self-Promotion & Commissions (04:02)

Dali was an avid self-promoter in a time when it was unheard of. This could be seen as an early template for contemporary artists to follow. He was often criticized for taking commission; his commission work was not without criticism.

Exhibition Ends (04:00)

Dali is described as an artist who constantly desired to be at the center of the circus. Bond reflects on Dali's effect on his personal work.

Reflecting on Dali (03:09)

The exhibition comes to an end. Bond exits the Stockholm contemplating Dali's influence, and the meaning of his life and work.

Credits - Discovering Dali (01:15)

Credits - Discovering Dali

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Filmmaker Jack Bond Jack travels to Stockholm, Sweden where the Moderna Museet is holding an exhibition of Dali’s work and revisits his 1965 film, Dali in New York.  Jack explores the enigmatic character of Dali and the surreal nature of his own films. As part of his investigation Jack discusses Dali and his work with museum curators and art historians. He reminisces about his friendship with Salvador Dali and the making of his film. Through the journey Jack discovers the influence Dali had on his own filmmaking and learns more about the personality and politics of the great surrealist.

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