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Deaths During the Mexican Revolution of 1910 (02:11)


Census data accounts for 900,000 deaths during the decade of the Mexican Revolution; however, demographers calculate many more, mostly from hunger and disease.

Two Views of the Revolution (03:04)

Unlike the usual narrative of revolutionary heroes, Luis González y González wrote about the Revolution from the point of view of those swept up by the war. Hear a survivor's testimony.

Forced Recruitment (05:00)

All sides practiced forced recruitment of soldiers, but General Victoriano Huerta of the Federal Army was notorious for forcing untrained and unmotivated men to the front.

Chaos in the Cities (03:31)

Opposing bands searched cities for recruits, unemployed in the ruined economy. Hangings and firing squads took care of prisoners and civilians without permits.

Public Executions on All Sides (04:16)

The frequent hangings and prisoner executions served as warning to the population. Hear testimonies of witnesses.

Ferocious Banditry (06:33)

All factions suffered hunger and exposure to the elements. They ferociously robbed and raped when they assaulted cities and towns. The bandit Inés Chaváz was one of the worst.

Massacre of the Chinese of Torreón (07:48)

The massacre of the Chinese merchants of Torreón who fled to the Chinese Bank for protection occurred May 15, 1911. Hear witness testimonies.

Local Currencies and Economic Collapse (02:52)

During the Huerta regime, local currencies caused devaluation. Railroads became troop carriers. Villistas and Constitutionalists prolonged the war, leading to economic collapse.

The Year of Hunger 1915 (03:14)

Nineteen fifteen is known as the "Year of Hunger" in the capital. Many enrolled as soldiers rather than die of hunger. Hear a survivor's testimony.

Disease and the Spanish Flu (05:58)

Adding to war casualties, executions and hunger, diseases took even more victims. The 1918 influenza epidemic decimated soldiers and the population. Hear testimonies.

Human Cost of the Revolution (01:29)

Although the Mexican Revolution forced the establishment of social reforms and peasant rights, the human cost must also be recalled during Centennial Celebrations.

Credits: Suffering in the 1910 Revolution: The Mexican Revolution—Part 6 (02:22)

Credits: Suffering in the 1910 Revolution: The Mexican Revolution—Part 6

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Suffering in the 1910 Revolution: The Mexican Revolution—Part 6

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This program presents the story of those who died in the Revolution, though not all found their demise on the battlefield. For many others during the war, famine, disease and banditry were too much to overcome. Hear from collected oral histories and written testimonies of witnesses as archival film and photos set the stage. In Spanish

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