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Nutrition Fact Labels (01:46)


For better health, choose foods that contain: words you recognize, food and not chemicals, and less ingredients. See examples.

Credits: Label Reading (00:23)

Credits: Label Reading

Crock Pot Cooking: Critical Tempuratures (02:06)

Cooking with a slow cooker is: nutritious, time saving, and affordable. Check your cooker to make sure it heats to 185 degrees.

Whole Chicken With Rice and Vegetables (03:29)

Chef Marshall O'Brien demonstrates how to make a slow cooker meal. Make sure meat is evenly covered before cooking and preheat your crock pot.

Crock Pot Meals: Roast and Chili (00:43)

Chef Marshall O'Brien lists ingredients that can be used for making two slow cooker meals. Soak kidney beans to eliminate their naturally occurring toxins.

Crock Pot Meals: Lasagna (03:27)

Chef Marshall O'Brien demonstrates how to make lasagna in a slow cooker.

Credits: Crock Pot Meals (00:23)

Credits: Crock Pot Meals

Whole Grains (02:39)

Chef Marshal O'Brien explains what whole grains are and the benefits of eating them. See examples.

Credits: Whole Grains (00:22)

Credits: Whole Grains

Portion Sizes (03:21)

See two plates of food that represent recommended amounts of grains, vegetables and proteins. Use your hand to estimate food portions. Drink a glass of water before eating and eat slower.

Credits: Nutrition Starts Here (00:25)

Credits: Nutrition Starts Here

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Join Chef Marshall O'Brien as he shares nutritious food choices and healthy eating strategies in Nutrition Starts Here: Smart Eating on a Budget. Chef O'brien demonstrates and explains how cooking and eating healthy food can save you money while being both fun and delicious. Short video segments include: slow cooker meals, understanding portion sizes, label reading and types of whole grains.  

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