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Introduction: Amazon Rainforest Risks (03:14)


This brief overview of the impact of climate change on rainforests orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Belem (03:52)

Bernice Notenboom shops at the Belem market to prepare for the trip into the Amazon rainforest. Professor Yadvinder Malhi studies the effects of drought on the rainforest.

Caxuiana Science Station (04:04)

Notenboom finishes her journey to the science station by small boat. Learn how the scientists are monitoring the rainforest.

Drought Experiment (03:50)

Scientists spent a year building a roof over a portion of rainforest that only allows in half of the rain. The effects of 10 years of drought are readily apparent.

Root Systems (02:50)

Scientists study the root system to better understand how the rainforest takes moisture; results can help build a climate model. A permanent El Niño state and tropical warming cause drought in the rainforest.

Amazon Canopy (02:44)

Notenboom climbs to the top of the rainforest to further understand the drastic consequences of a drought.

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (03:36)

Rainforests maintain the balance in the Earth's atmosphere. Worldwide carbon dioxide levels have been higher than ever before since 1950 .

Rising CO2 Levels (01:58)

Rainforests absorb 30% of the carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere every year. If the rainforests died or began producing carbon dioxide, Earth's atmosphere would suffer.

Manaus Market (02:19)

Explore the variety of products that grow in the Amazon rainforest. Many modern medicines are derived from rainforest plants.

Rio Negro Biodiversity (04:47)

Notenboom travels down the Rio Negro by boat. The Amazon rainforest is home to a wide variety of species and is more sensitive to drought than originally suspected.

Fire Project (04:03)

Multiple fires in the same area cause the temperature to increase and could become another tipping point for the rainforests.

Experimental Burning (05:27)

Scientists ignite controlled burns and study the root systems and moisture in the ground. This allows them to understand the tipping points of the rainforest.

Rainforest Health Scan (02:46)

Professor Greg Asner's high-tech airborne laboratory collects data that determines the health of the rainforest.

Point of No Return (04:00)

Review the dangerous consequences of the Amazon rainforest reaching the tipping point and explore possible solutions.

Credits: Amazon Rainforest Risks (00:52)

Credits: Amazon Rainforest Risks

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In this film, Bernice Notenboom leads an expedition across the vast Amazon Rainforest to better understand the mega droughts and tree deaths that threaten its survival. Meet scientists who explore the rainforest's root system, the forest canopy, and monitor the rising carbon dioxide levels. The Amazon rainforest is reaching the tipping point and with global warming, it could soon be in a deep state of crisis. 

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