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Greenland Ice Sheet (03:12)


The Greenland ice sheet is 1.3 km of ice and almost 4 km thick in the center. Bernice Notenboom travels to the S10 scientist camp in Greenland to explore the melting ice sheet.

S10 Field Site (02:48)

The field site has been established for 20 years. Dr. Alun Hubbard's team of scientists studies the effects of global warming on the Greenland ice sheet just above the equilibrium line.

Studying Ice Cores (02:30)

GPS sensors and ice cores determine the rate at which the Greenland ice sheet is melting. Explore the long-term effects that melting ice could have on the entire globe.

Cryoconites (04:58)

Notenboom and Hubbard begin travelling to the edge of the ice sheet. Dust and soot from around the world settles into the glacier, causing dark spots and faster ice melt.

Moulins (04:08)

Notenboom and Hubbard continue their journey across the Greenland ice sheet. Learn how moulins develop and threaten the stability of the ice.

Melt Water (04:21)

Large amounts of melt water endanger structures in their path. Notenboom travels with Professor John Box to study glacial movement.

Global Climate System (03:34)

Notenboom and Box install time lapse cameras to capture the movement of the glacier. Warmer ocean water speeds the melting of the glacier, affecting the global climate.

Tipping Points (02:30)

Professor Tim Lenton developed computerized predictions of twelve potential climate tipping points.

Three Degrees (02:26)

The three degrees of global warming could cause the Greenland ice sheet to go into irreversible meltdown.

Jakobshavn Glacier (04:59)

Notenboom kayaks among the floating ice at the base of the rapidly retreating glacier. An air pressure phenomenon affects winds and storms across the globe.

Qaanaaq, Greenland (03:50)

Notenboom travels to a remote hunting community. The warming climate reduces their hunting season.

Melting Sea Ice (03:57)

Notenboom travels by dogsled to the edge of the sea ice in Qaanaaq, Greenland. The rapidly melting ice causes detours in the trip.

Camping on Sea Ice (02:42)

Notenboom and Lenton walk to the edge of the sea ice from their camp. The melting ice is reducing arctic animal habitats.

Point of No Return (03:35)

Review the problems that are causing global warming and the disastrous changes that may be on the horizon. Explore potential solutions to these problems.

Credits: The Greenland Ice-sheet Melt (00:56)

Credits: The Greenland Ice-sheet Melt

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Bernice Notenboom and Dr. Alun Hubbard lead an expedition across the Greenland Ice-sheet all the way north to Qaanaaq, a remote Inuit community, to explore the rate of melt of the Greenland Ice-sheet. They explore the Jakobshavn Glacier, examine moulins, and study ice core samples. This film examines the three degrees of global warming and its effects on global ocean circulation.

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