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Reasons for Dropout Rate (01:43)


Each year, one-third of high school students fail to graduate. High school students talk about those who drop out, and the importance of getting a degree.

Dangers of Dropping Out (03:37)

Dropping out is dangerous for a student's future. Education is necessary for good jobs in today's economy.

Is High School a Priority? (01:26)

Some students don't make high school a priority and don't complete their work. Many dropouts think they could have graduated had they tried.

Dropping Out Over Time (02:16)

Dropping out of high school is not a sudden act, but a gradual disengagement. Students drop out for numerous reasons, including gang participation.

Repeating Grades, Missing Classes (01:06)

Too many unexcused absences can lead to automatic failure. Students who repeated grades often doubt they could have graduated even if they tried harder.

Money for Education (01:14)

School budget cuts lead to cutbacks in sports, inability to buy new books, and high class sizes.

Parental Involvement (01:33)

High school dropouts have low parental involvement in education; parents often became involved only when they found out the student was near dropping out.

How to Get Started in the Real World (00:48)

Students talk about volunteering and other ways to get involved in the real world without dropping out of high school.

Thoughts About College (01:07)

High school students talk about their thoughts on college, whether they are interested and how to prepare.

Conclusion: High School Dropouts (02:25)

A former high school dropout returned to school; he urges others not to drop out. High school students and a counselor advocate staying in school.

Credits: Real Life Teens: High School Dropouts (00:46)

Credits: Real Life Teens: High School Dropouts

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Real Life Teens: High School Dropouts

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According to many studies, almost one third of all public high school students and nearly one half of all blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, fail to graduate from public high school each year. Many of these students abandon school with less than two years to complete their high school education. The decision to drop out is a serious one for students. Dropouts are much more likely than their peers who graduate to be unemployed, live in poverty, receive public assistance, end up in prison, live an unhealthy lifestyle, become divorced and become single parents with children who drop out from high school themselves. Dropping out of high school is not a sudden act, but a gradual process of disengagement. Lack of attendance, lack of parental involvement and lack of motivation to succeed are all patterns and signs that a student is having difficulty at school and considering dropping out. Subjects Covered Include: The Drop Out Epidemic, Why do students drop out of school?, High Schools and Funding, Parental Involvement, What are the dangers of dropping out of school, What are the benefits to a high school education, The importance of Graduation to future employers, Lack of opportunities for high school dropouts, Finishing high school - the road to college, Going back to school and finishing your education.

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