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Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis (01:30)


Approximately 13.5 million Americans suffer from coronary artery disease. Jim, 55-years-old, experienced chest pain and was admitted to the hospital. An EKG and blood work determined he had a heart attack.

Heart Attack Definition (02:29)

View a representation of how interruption in blood flow to the heart causes damage. Learn definitions for arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, and angina.

Heart Attack Treatment (01:52)

Jim receives pain medication, anticoagulants, vasodilators, and antiarrythmic medications. After he's stabilized, a thallium stress test evaluates his cardiac status. He feels depressed about his new condition.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (03:11)

Learning to live with heart disease involves education, exercise, counseling, and leading a healthier lifestyle. Learn about early, physical therapy, late recovery, and maintenance rehabilitation phases.

Lowering Heart Attack Risk Factors (02:15)

Patient education is important for cardiac rehabilitation. Controllable lifestyle factors include smoking, weight, high blood pressure, stress, and diabetes. Jim was able to live a normal life after his heart attack.

Credits: Living Through the Heart Attack (00:52)

Credits: Living Through the Heart Attack

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Living Through the Heart Attack

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This program is part of a cardiovascular series designed to comply with the Joint Commission standards for education of patients and family. Through a patient study, it provides a definition for myocardial infarction, a diagnosis, and treatment strategies. Viewers learn about the four phase cardiac rehabilitation program that emphasizes patient education, physical exercise, counseling, and lifestyle changes to lower heart attack risk factors. This video was awarded a National Telly Award for Education.

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