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Introduction: Birth of a Car: Kia Optima (00:60)


This film features the transformation of the Kia Optima, from design and production to its debut on the race track.

Kia Optima: The Old "Grocery-Getter" (03:05)

Kia Optima undergoes one of the most dramatic make-overs in automotive history. The challenge for designers is turning this "grocery-getter" into something that sets it apart in the market.

Kia Optima: Peter Schreyer Designs (03:26)

Peter Schreyer is hired to change the face of the Kia brand. The previous Optima lacked styling and excitement. The new Optima Hybrid is awarded a Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency.

Kia Optima: Transforming Perception (02:03)

Entering racing, Kia now "belongs to the club." When Kia first appears on the racing scene, critics chuckle.

Kia Optima: Building a Brand (03:24)

Establishing a brand is a difficult task for Kia, and Peter Schreyer is key to creating this identity. The makeover begins with a new, distinct, recognizable face.

Kia Optima: International Design Competition (03:34)

A design competition is held in Frankfurt and California, filtered by Kia headquarters in Seoul, Korea. The most important element for designer Peter Schroeder is proportion.

Kia Optima: Driver Oriented Interior (02:22)

Designers concede to an engineering request to modify wheel size. The driver-oriented interior of the new Optima spotlights the driver, giving a sports-like aesthetic.

Kia Optima: Testing in Extreme Conditions (03:06)

Performance testing of the new Optima occurs in the Mojave Desert. This location is a prime choice due to isolation and climate conditions.

Kia Optima: Racing for Transformation (04:08)

Optimas are taken from the production floor, stripped down, reinforced and transformed into race cars. Kia's race team tries to stay as true to the original design as possible.

Kia Optima: Production (04:46)

Kia's factory in Georgia is setting standards for productivity. Robots and humans work together producing approximately 1,300 cars daily.

Kia Optima: New Challenges (04:42)

The Optima undergoes an 8 hour paint procedure, traveling six miles. Each station on the assembly line has approximately 40-50 seconds to complete their task.

Kia Optima: Motor City Competition (03:56)

Kia's Optima competes against world class competitors at Motor City. They use veteran drivers to give them the best chance on the track. Kia experiences a crash on the course.

Kia Optima: Going for Glory (05:48)

Learning from past mistakes, Kia's race team goes for glory again. This marks a defining moment for the bold, new, re-imagined Optima.

Credits: Birth of a Car: Kia Optima (00:29)

Credits: Birth of a Car: Kia Optima

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Birth of a Car: Kia Optima

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From bland to bold, from safe to sexy, the Kia Optima gets an extreme makeover. This film features the transformation of the Optima spotlighting production, design, and its debut on the race track. 

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