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Initial Exposure (03:44)


Initial public exposure of the Watergate scandal was very limited until Dick Cavett began inquiries on his daytime talk show.

White House Connection (02:21)

Discovery of the culprit's address book with White House staff phone numbers suggests a cover up to the public.

G. Gordon Liddy (04:51)

Initially, Liddy was pushed forward as the mastermind of the Watergate break in. Hear Gordon's explanation of why surveillance equipment was in the DNC headquarters.

Woodward and Bernstein (03:54)

The events of Watergate had not yet taken center stage nationally, but the story is kept alive by two local reporters in Washington D.C. See their interview on the Dick Cavett Show.

Walter Cronkite Intervenes (02:49)

The lack of national media attention urged Walter Cronkite to conduct an extensive television report about the break in. See Woodward and Bernstein on the Dick Cavett Show.

Nixon Reelected (03:02)

The DNC break-in story appeared to be a non-issue with the American public and Nixon won his reelection by a wide margin.

President Nixon's Isolation (03:37)

The behind-the-scenes picture of Columnist Stewart Alsop states that President Nixon slowly unraveled to reveal a friendless, lonely man who may have craved crisis situations.

Senate Committee Hearings (01:53)

After the burglars in the DNC headquarters break-in are convicted, the U.S. Senate sets up a committee to formally investigate the affair and its ties to the White House.

Cavett Goes to Washington (04:09)

Through unprecedented opportunity, Dick Cavett is allowed conduct his talk show from the floor of the senate committee hearings. He interviews several senators about their opinion of the hearing proceedings.

Senator Ervin Takes the Stage (03:14)

During the trials, Senator Samuel Ervin classified himself as a simple country lawyer. Experts discuss his approach to questioning during the senate committee hearings.

Bombshells Revealed: Dean and Butterfield (04:14)

Cracks in the cover up appear when Nixon's aid, John Dean, refuses to take the fall for the president as he testifies before the committee. Then a second blow occurs when Alexander Butterfield is called to the stand.

Cavett in the Crosshairs (03:07)

Jeb Magruder discusses the "enemies list." Hear an audio recording of Nixon and Charles Colson discussing Dick Cavett.

Nixon Tapes (02:37)

The Nixon tapes threaten to take the president down. Experts reflect on his level of involvement.For a time, he continued to remain defiant despite public opinion turning against him.

Vice President Spiro Agnew (02:11)

The vice president resigns as part of a plea bargain to avoid a prison sentence. Gerald Ford, a congressman from Michigan, replaces him.

Nixon's Resignation (02:47)

The mounting pressure on the presidency finally reaches a breaking point. President Nixon resigns his office on August 9, 1974.

Nixon's Pardon (03:34)

As the new president, Gerald Ford quickly made a decision that was immediately unpopular. See a portion of Ford's interview on the Dick Cavett Show.

Post-Watergate (02:41)

Hear a portion of Gerald Ford's interview on the Dick Cavett Show in 1974. In 2014, Dick Cavett reflects on his involvement in exposing the Watergate scandal.

Credits: Dick Cavett's Watergate (00:42)

Credits: Dick Cavett's Watergate

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From 1972 to 1974 the Watergate scandal unfolded on The Dick Cavett Show, as Cavett interviewed nearly every major Watergate figure. "Dick Cavett's Watergate" documents the scandal in the words of the people who lived it: from the botched burglary at the Democratic National Headquarters; to the must-see TV of the daily Congressional Watergate hearings; to the on-going behind-the-scenes battle between the White House and The Dick Cavett Show; culminating with the resignation of the President of the United States on August 9, 1974. Dick Cavett's Watergate offers a unique opportunity to mark the 40th anniversary of a defining moment in American history. Distributed by PBS Distribution.

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