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Chef: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:35)


Whitcraft is one of the head chefs at Winslow's Home in Saint Louis, Missouri. Whitcraft is in charge of ordering, hiring, cooking, menu development, recipe testing and more.

Chef: Career Beginnings: Keys for Success (01:13)

Whitcraft decided to try culinary arts after struggling at mechanical engineering school. Her first job was at a country club.

Chef: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:41)

Be adaptable and good at problem solving. Being creative will enable you to land top culinary jobs.

Chef: Education and Certification Requirements (00:42)

Culinary students are trained in food safety and knife safety and skills. They need to be able to think and move quickly, handle pressure, and be good problem solvers.

Chef: Workplace Atmosphere (00:58)

Chefs work long hours, near open flames, hot water and with sharp tools in small spaces with other workers.

Chef: Advice for Aspiring Pros (00:48)

Though you work long hours, it is fun and challenging.

Chef: A Day on the Job (01:55)

Whitcraft lists all the things involved in her day as a chef such as: overseeing the kitchen, ordering, hiring, and creating new menu items.

Chef: Industry Goals and Services (01:20)

The goal is a customer who enjoys your food. The menu should accurately describe the dish. Ingredients should be locally sourced when possible.

Chef: Industry Challenges (01:13)

Whitcraft shares concerns about food waste and increasing costs.

Chef: Looking at the Future (00:57)

Whitcraft hopes cooking with local produce becomes normal for restaurants everywhere and chefs can find a balance between their career and personal life.

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What is it like to be a chef? In this Career Q&A video interview, Carrie Whitcraft talks about her career path, what she does on the job, and the keys to success in the field. She also offers candid advice on breaking into the profession as well as insight into the industry’s biggest challenges and how the field may change in the next ten years.

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