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Exercise: Indoor Chores (03:18)


Michael Mosley collects data from people as they complete typical household chores. Vacuuming and mopping earn a moderate intensity Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) score.

Exercise: Outdoor Chores (03:02)

Mowing the lawn, planting flowers, washing the car, and cleaning windows all qualify as moderate intensity activity levels. Learn other small ways to work in exercise.

Caffeine: Performance Evaluation (04:31)

In a research study, caffeine drinkers and non-caffeine drinkers perform tasks before and after drinking caffeine. Explore the results of the data collected.

Diet and Skin (01:57)

Increased insulin levels can contribute to poor skin complexion. Sugar and dairy proteins cause high insulin levels.

Caffeine: Alternative Options (04:08)

Volunteers try sugar, chewing gum, sage and a placebo to see if they can stimulate their brains without the use of caffeine.

Hypothermia Treatment (04:15)

Learn how to recognize the symptoms of hypothermia. To treat, keep the patient warm, dry, and call for help.

Salt: Bad For You (04:29)

According to Professor Graham MacGregor, excessive salt consumption increases blood pressure but does not increase cholesterol. He recommends reducing salt consumption.

Salt: Inconclusive (03:55)

Professor Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe maintains that the evidence against salt is not conclusive. The experts do agree that people should increase the amount of potassium they eat.

Omega-3 (01:38)

Eating oily fish once a week has been proven to help keep the heart healthy. Supplements have not proven as effective as the real thing.

Cutting Edge Surgery (08:02)

In order to remove a blood clot in a patient's lungs, the surgery team cools the brain, stops the heart, and drains the body of blood.

Pain Medications (03:28)

Explore the benefits and risks of different types of pain relievers.

Caffeine: Results (05:19)

Chewing gum was the only substance that helped the participants feel more alert, although it did not improve performance. Sage improved performance but not the feeling of alertness.

Credits: Trust Me…I'm a Doctor: Series 2—Episode 3 (00:53)

Credits: Trust Me…I'm a Doctor: Series 2—Episode 3

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Does caffeine really help us to stay alert and what are the alternatives? In this programme some surprising ways to boost our brains are put to the test. Also medical journalist Michael Mosley examines the growing trend for electronic cigarettes and asks if they are safe. Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates if household chores can count as exercise. Dr Saleyha Ahsan gives first-aid tips on how to treat someone suffering from hypothermia and surgeon Gabriel Weston sees life-saving surgery that involves removing all the blood from a patient's body. A BBC Production.

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