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Sunshine Debate (02:35)


Medical journalist Michael Mosley tests Bognor office employees for vitamin D levels. Despite the town's sunny location, half have insufficient levels. Learn about the health benefits of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Boosting Experiment (02:29)

Moseley divides Bognor employees into three groups to test whether sun exposure, oily fish, or supplements are most effective. Their blood levels will be measured for changes after three weeks.

Pasta Experiment (03:09)

Italian restaurant employees consume hot, cold, and reheated noodles over three days to test whether temperature affects starch digestion and absorption. They take blood sugar and insulin levels every 15 minutes after eating.

Pasta Experiment Results (03:38)

Blood glucose levels spiked in test subjects consuming freshly cooked noodles. Chilled noodles caused a slightly lower increase, and reheated noodles caused a significantly lower increase. Learn about resistant starch that acts as fiber in the large intestine.

Sunlight Benefits (02:25)

A U.K. skin surgeon reconsiders her conventional advice on avoiding sun exposure. Studies show UV rays lower blood pressure—reducing stroke and heart attack risk.

Sunlight and Blood Pressure (03:59)

An experiment shows nitric oxide diffusing to blood vessels in a skin sample under UV light. The benefits of sun exposure outweigh skin cancer risk among most of the U.K. population.

Bisphenol A Risk (02:42)

Recent media reports have connected plastic water bottles to cancer. BPA has been linked to health problems, but there is no strong evidence that it causes harm in normal consumption levels. View recycling numbers indicating BPA free materials.

How to Stop Bleeding (04:37)

A U.K. doctor instructs a group of cyclists on first aid wound treatment, emphasizing applying pressure without cutting off circulation. Learn about shock symptoms to watch for.

Saturated Fat Debate: For (04:26)

Health officials once believed saturated fatty acids were linked to heart disease. A U.K. doctor has found evidence that certain saturated fats—such as those in dairy, nuts, and grass fed beef—may be beneficial for the heart.

Saturated Fat Debate: Against (03:28)

A Norwegian doctor explains that saturated fatty acids influence cholesterol levels, contributing to heart disease. He doesn't agree with new epidemiological studies showing saturated fat can have health benefits. Moseley eats butter and milk in moderation for calorie control.

Vitamin C and Colds (01:53)

Taking daily vitamin C supplements won't reduces chances of getting sick, but they might reduce symptom severity. Zinc tablets may reduce symptom duration if taken within 24 hours.

Paralysis Therapy (04:11)

A motocross rider suffered spinal injuries that paralyzed his lower body. Researchers have implanted electrodes in his spine, stimulating leg nerves and allowing him to stand freely.

Regaining Motor Function (03:44)

The spinal cord controls locomotion, and can maintain function even if disconnected from the brain. A paralyzed patient can move his legs again with an electrical nerve stimulus.

Vitamin D Booster Results (04:26)

Three groups of Bognor office employees have tested whether sun exposure, oily fish, or supplements are most effective. All subjects have improved vitamin D levels. Hear recommendations for using each method.

Credits: Trust Me…I'm a Doctor: Series 2—Episode 1 (00:51)

Credits: Trust Me…I'm a Doctor: Series 2—Episode 1

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Can we eat the same food and still lose weight? In a world first, Dr Chris van Tulleken discovers how to make some of our favourite meals healthier without changing a single ingredient. Medical journalist Michael Mosley finds out why getting more sun on our skin can actually be good for us. Surgeon Gabriel Weston travels to the US to witness a remarkable surgical procedure that's helping the paralysed to regain movement. Also, Moseley interviews two researchers with opposing views on the effect of saturated fats on heart health. A BBC Production.

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