Segments in this Video

Introduction: Modern Russian Design (01:45)


A man discusses different types of design. Design requires hard work, not natural genius.

Public Perception of Designers (02:15)

Most people don't know what design is, and designers go unrecognized, designers say the public lacks taste.

Conveying Political Message (04:13)

Designers discuss changing the world, and the way the design of a Moscow park and its signs conveyed messages and slogans and reprogrammed public demand.

Fonts in Design (03:48)

Designers talk about how to use fonts. Cyrillic fonts are mystical, and were originally designed to spread Eastern Orthodoxy. Peter the Great Europeanized the Russian writing system.

Inventing New Fonts (01:36)

Books about fonts are stack different forms of letters, creating an archetype. Designers must accept ugly fonts in order to experiment.

Russian School of Design (01:10)

Designers say Russia lacks its own design culture and is imitative. Some want a design reflecting the Russian soul.

Museum of Constructivism (02:51)

Designers discuss block type fonts and Constructivism, originally used for perspective photos and collages. Most consider constructivism distinctly Russian.

Russian Design and Culture (02:27)

In Russia, the link between production and design has always been weak, interviewees say Russia is a nation of dreamers.

Appealing to Consumers (05:15)

Design is functional, an effort to communicate and elicit response. Russian designers talk about different appeals to different classes of consumers, sophisticated and vulgar tastes, and Russian elitism.

Transportation Signs (01:47)

Graphic designers discuss a design contest for signs in metro transportation systems.

Russian School of Design (01:34)

There is no Russian graphic design school, the way there is in Holland, for instance, designers argue.

History of the Poster (02:59)

Posters were once central in city life. A political poster from the 1980s influenced Russian design; elsewhere, the poster died as a genre. However, the poster has become modern art.

Golden Bee (03:13)

The Golden Bee is a Russian state-sponsored graphic design contest. A designer recalls showing up at the event with a swollen face after a fight.

Seeking National Style (04:15)

Russia sought to have designers construct a Russian identity and style, turning to Belousov and Gurovich. Designers discuss their work on Russian sports uniforms. There must be meaning for design to be worthwhile, one designer says.

Future of Books (03:06)

A designer says there must be meaning for design to be worthwhile. A publisher complains that people bring unready material and want it published quickly; technology is killing books and publishing.

Talent Shortage in Design (01:38)

A designer says a younger generation hasn't replaced the top Russian designers. Design students talk about their heroes.

Schools of Design (03:52)

Designers contrast schools of design, such as Polygraph and the British School. A designer says cultural influences shape Russian designers' work on a subtle, subconscious level rather than by a deliberate system.

Calendar Design (01:42)

Designers created a calendar that allowed users to mark the day with a yellow or black smile, encouraging people to look at their days and years differently.

Design and Russian School (02:23)

Experts share final thoughts on the value and meaning of design, how technology is changing design, and whether a Russian school of design will emerge.

Credits: Modern Russian Design (01:20)

Credits: Modern Russian Design

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Modern Russian Design

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This film, in Russian with English subtitles, features designers discussing theories on what design is, and whether there is a distinctly Russian school of design. It explains how Vladimir Putin's government has turned to designers to create or reflect ideas about national identity. It invites viewers to consider the relation between design and the expression of ideas.

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