Segments in this Video

Racism Workshop: Choosing Partners (05:22)


An ethnically diverse group begins a three-day workshop by, first, selecting and getting to know a partner with whom they will maintain a connection throughout the workshop.

Racism Learned in Childhood (04:57)

Michael, a white man, recalls his shock at facing an ethnically diverse population in California. A Jewish man learned from childhood that some African Americans deserve respect, while most of them do not. Many agree that their backgrounds did not prepare them for the real world of diversity.

Minorities in White America (05:28)

Raised in the U.S., a Chinese woman reflects on her childhood fears in white America. She developed a life strategy of being invisible. A Latino man shares his anger and frustration at being "different" all his life. An African-American woman recalls the shock of moving from the South to the North.

Exploring Feelings About Ethnic Minorities (05:25)

As part of the workshop activities, individuals videotape themselves as they talk about their experiences. Two white men reflect on their mixed feelings about their experiences with their ethnic partners.

Racial Persecution (07:00)

The night before, people videotaped their reactions to the first day. Now, on Saturday, deep-seated feelings and emotions come out in partner interactions as they work out poignant and sensitive in dyads.

Group Dynamics (03:32)

In four separate ethnic groups, workshop participants dramatically and emotionally process the morning's activities, including the confrontation between Alan, a Jewish man, and Denard, an African-American man.

Group Processing (07:05)

Individual workshop participants continue to process the confrontation of Alan and Denard. They express personal frustrations and anger about group trust, group respect, and their apprehension about the next day.

Racism Workshop: Final Day (04:43)

Though many participants had been apprehensive about Sunday, the workshop began with a different tone and sense of new community. It is a day of raw emotion, introspection, and sharing.

Exploration of Feelings (04:22)

After the workshop concludes, some participants meet to discuss the value of the workshop. They continue to have difficult conversations and to process their personal feelings about racism. They engage in soul-searching, anger, and reconciliation.

Racism and Reconciliation (07:10)

The small group of participants heals itself from its anger and frustration and meets on a common ground of reconciliation. They share their feelings about the viewers who will watch the documentary and what they want those viewers to know.

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Facing Racism

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This emotionally charged program follows five participants of different ethnic and racial backgrounds through a three-day Unlearning Racism workshop. As the workshop begins, a European-American man offends his African-American workshop partner by making a joke during a one-on-one dialogue. The incident sparks anger among African-American participants, who openly confront the offender. White participants in the workshop express their frustration over their inability to understand the reactions of the people of color. The five main participants later meet to reflect on the honest sharing of feelings that took place during the workshop. This program represents both a strong statement on the complex issues surrounding racism and an honest depiction of the difficulties involved in resolving them. (57 minutes)

Length: 58 minutes

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ISBN: 978-0-7365-7976-6

Copyright date: ©1996

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