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While many people arm themselves against potential violence, or demand increased police protection, some people face it head-on, as teachers, mediators, or simply as concerned citizens. This seven-part series—as current as today’s headlines—highlights the work of several community activists and the grass-roots organizations they founded to combat the conditions that promote violence. It is also the story of people bravely facing their own racial bias. 7-part series, 26–57 minutes each.

Item#: BVL6733

Copyright date: ©1997

Reviews & Awards

Gold Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival

"A gritty...series depicting the emotional effects of life on America’s mean streets...not from the typical viewpoint of a disinterested white reporter inviting us into the ‘ghetto’ or of a homie on the corner bitchin’ about the system; but instead, from a group of highly motivated individuals working to help their communities from within... Making Peace offers a unique perspective on street violence by focusing on those who have survived its devastating effects. The series’ message is clear: We as a community have to rely on ourselves and not the system to reduce the level of crime."—VIBE

"Making Peace has no pat endings; all of the efforts depicted are processes, not events. Nevertheless, I came away from it feeling much more informed and even a little hopeful. And these days, for Hope to come out of the television is a rare thing."—‘A’ Magazine

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