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Traders: Episode 2: Introduction (03:46)


Justyn and Aqeel want to transform their lives by trading; online trading platforms make trading more accessible. This film examines retail traders.

Seeking Financial Independence (04:01)

Jane works away from home on the weekends; trading may give her the lifestyle she wants. Jane learns how to trade on a demo site; she uses spread betting.

Successful Trading (04:27)

Profitable traders buy or sell at the optimal time; 90% of retail traders lose money. Charlie Burton analyzes the market every night; discipline is crucial. Burton buys and sells currency.

Jusco Capital (03:48)

Justyn and Aqeel trade from Justin's parent's house. Justyn bases his trades on statistical data. He and Aqeel created a business where clients open private accounts that correspond with Justyn's trading account.

Trading Intermediary (02:07)

Retail traders do not have direct access to the markets. Saxo makes most of its revenue by providing online brokers. Most online retail traders trade on the global currency market.

Home Trader (03:51)

Retail traders are a significant part of the Forex. Rene Muccio prepares for a day of trading. He reflects on his experiences and follows his trading plan.

Trading and Profits (03:36)

Burton washes his six figure car reflects on the ability of traders to make money. Jane is ready to trade with real money; she sells Bengal kittens to help cover start-up costs.

Art of Trading (03:27)

Muccio has lost over £6,000 since he started trading. Online platforms can make money whether a trader wins or loses. The announcement of U.S. employment rates is a busy trading day for Saxo.

Trading and Emotions (04:07)

Muccio discusses closing a losing trade. Jane started trading with real money; she is more methodical in her approach and feels anxious.

Trading Opportunity (02:19)

Burton trains with his running partner Jason. Burton received a fund worth £50 million to trade; he will receive a percentage of any profits.

High Profile Connections (03:56)

Justyn and Aqeel meet with football player Leon Best; he reveals his shoe collection. Best decides to invest £100,000 in their trading company.

eToro (02:59)

Yoni Assia wants his platform to be the Facebook of trading. The site's most popular traders can earn $10,000 a month beyond their trading profits.

Retail Trading and Daily Life (04:02)

Jane considers the difficulties of trading from home; she continues working as a nurse. Burton works out at a gym and participates in a photo shoot; his trading analysis is complete for the day.

Antiques for Trading (03:30)

Muccio plays cards with his sister Roma and friends. Roma has reservations about Muccio's switch to trading. See an update on each of the traders featured in this film.

Credits: Traders: Episode 2 (00:35)

Credits: Traders: Episode 2

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Traders: Episode 2

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Introducing the new breed of trader—the British men and women who play the financial markets from their kitchens, sofas, and bedrooms. Thanks to online trading technology, anyone with an Internet connection and some cash to spare can attempt to reap the rich rewards that can come from trading. This documentary charts the real-time trading ups and downs, dreams and disappointments of a handful of Britain's 'retail traders'. Mother-of-three Jane could hardly be less like the archetypal professional  trader. She squeezes currency trading in between the school run and her work as a nurse. Justyn and Akil are ambitious young men from Birmingham, who are convinced that trading will be their ticket to lavish lifestyles. Rene gave up a successful career as an antiques dealer for a new existence as a trader, and he is undeterred despite seven years of struggling to break even. The home traders are united by a desire to take control of their lives and their own financial destinies. But the odds are stacked against them—90% of retail traders will not make a consistent profit.

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