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Traders: Episode 1: Introduction (01:33)


At the Chicago Board of Trade, how well you adapt to changes on the floor determines your performance. Traders can make or lose significant amounts of money on any given day.

Chicago Board of Trade (02:17)

Virginia McGathey has worked in the field of brokering since the age of 17. The concept of futures started in 1848 to protect grain farmers and their customers. Each year, experts trade contracts valued at $1 quadrillion.

Amplify Trading (03:11)

Most of the world's traders buy and sell online. Piers Curran and Will de Lucy trade the global foreign exchange market. A statement from the head of Central Bank makes Curran think the value of the Euro will drop.

T3 Trading Group (02:03)

New York is America's stock trading capital. Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler looks for big name stock opportunities; workers take home a percentage of the profit they make for the firm.

Metropolitan Capital Advisors (02:03)

Karen Finerman is a hedge fund manager; her firm manages more than $200 million. Finerman is a value investor.

Quick Loss and Gain (03:11)

Redler looks for instant profit; his trade in Twitter cost him his average daily earnings. He buys shares in Bidu and recoups his losses. Finerman invests long-term.

Trader Training (03:48)

Curran and de Lucy provide a four month course for new traders. Many people find it harder to master the psychological and emotional skills than the technicalities of trading. Trainees trade real markets in real time.

Traders' Home Life (03:28)

Hedge fund performance is personal for Finerman. She discusses the stresses in her personal life and raising her children. Redler tries to separate work from home; his passion for endurance sports has direct influence on his discipline as a trader.

Amplify Trainees: Month One (04:49)

Curran assesses trainee performances. Trainees react to news from the Federal Reserve. Marsh hopes to trade from home after completing the course.

Commodities Market (03:08)

McGathey is always plugged into the markets and sometimes trades for herself. The grain market could be volatile. Bob Lassandrello trades futures in cattle.

Wheat Crop Report (01:48)

McGathey thinks the price of wheat will rise because of the short fall and buys shares; she sells for profit.

Amplify Trainees: Month Two (03:50)

Trainees will be assessed on their profits at each stage. The trainees react slowly to market changes in oil prices; Ben Marsh's profits drop. Marsh's time in prison for fraud affects the decisions he makes in trading.

"Fast Money" (03:24)

Finerman appears on a business program twice weekly. Remco Lenterman trades quickly; his company does more than $100 million in trades every day.

Trading Markets (04:31)

Lassandrello reflects on the differences between floor trading and online trading. Regulators are concerned about transparency and instability in financial markets. On the floor, most trades are completed in the final minute.

New Opportunities (03:28)

Trainees learn whether or not they can trade with the company's money. Finerman attends a charity fundraising night.

Long-term Gains (02:07)

Some Amplify trainees work on the live market; one trainee quits the program and Carlos trades his personal funds.

Trading Futures (02:51)

Lassandrello invests $2.5 million in a microbrewery business. McGathey plans to start a renewable energy business. Marsh begins trading with personal money from home

Credits: Traders: Episode 1 (00:35)

Credits: Traders: Episode 1

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Traders: Episode 1

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Manhattan hedge fund manager Karen believes that money is power and making it is fun, as she juggles two sets of twins, a busy social calendar, and her $200-million fund. Bob has spent more than three decades yelling out his trades and jostling for position on Chicago's cattle futures trading floor, but now he thinks it may be time wean himself off his trading addiction. London day traders Will and Piers use their expertise to train others in the art of making money from tiny moves in the markets. But they warn their new trainees it is going to be far harder to master the psychological and emotional skills needed for trading than the technicalities. Ultimately, it is a story of money, desire, and emotion.

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