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Finding the School For You: Actor Qualities (03:10)


Frankie Payne enrolls in a foundation course to increase her chances of gaining acceptance into drama school. Course leaders and administrators discuss the qualities they are looking for in actors.

Finding the School for You: School Culture (03:35)

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama felt right to Paige Round. This film features three schools. Experts discuss organizational culture and what to look for in school alumni and school statistics.

Finding the Course for You (05:01)

Most drama schools offer a wide range of courses on the technical side and within the field of acting; learn tips for choosing a course. Drama school candidates often fail to gain admittance their first time.

Getting it Together (03:02)

Experts discuss the logistical side of school enrollment and paying attention to application requirements; organization is vital. Frankie practices her pieces for four auditions.

Checklist (03:53)

Learn several tips for filling out a drama school application; experiences are just as important as qualifications. Experts discuss application research, auditions, and interview responses.

Auditioning (05:08)

Auditions are the only way drama schools have of finding out who you are and what you can do. Experts discuss audition style and format. Candidates practice mock auditions.

Auditioning: Things to Never do (02:22)

Experts discuss the things a drama candidate should never do during an audition, creating your own world and panel dynamics. Frankie practices a mock audition.

Auditioning: Group Auditions (03:00)

Experts discuss what drama school course leaders look for during group auditions and offer tips.

Auditioning: Interview (03:09)

Experts discuss the type of questions drama panelists ask candidates and how successful candidates respond. Review an interview checklist.

Selecting and Preparing Audition Pieces (04:02)

Drama schools have different selection process formats, but most have common themes. Learn tips for choosing an audition piece and characters, and what the choices represent.

Selecting and Preparing Audition Pieces: Dos and Don'ts (04:19)

Experts discuss what to avoid when choosing an audition piece and character, the dos and don'ts of choosing audition songs. Hear tips for choosing the right pieces.

Selecting & Preparing Audition Pieces: Devised Work (02:29)

Devised work is very open ended. Experts discuss the type of experience they want during a performance and what they learn from devised work.

What to do if You Don't Get in... (04:45)

Getting into drama school is difficult. Experts discuss continuing to apply for courses, tips for future auditions, and other avenues of education; don't take rejection personally.

Credits: How to Get into Drama School: Part 1 (00:24)

Credits: How to Get into Drama School: Part 1

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Acceptance into drama school is not as easy as some might think, thousands apply every year. In this film, Frankie Payne decides to try, for the third time, to gain admittance. She enrolls in a foundation course at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona to increase her skills qualities. Hear from drama school course leaders on what they are looking for and former students.  (49 minutes)

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