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Domestic Violence: Gender Inequality (03:37)


In today's world, women are not equal to men. This belief system opens the door to domestic abuse. Gender stereotyping begins in infancy. A former abuser relates how his belief systems justified beating his wife.

Violence Against Women (03:35)

Male role issues are at the heart of violence against women. Until recently, women’s testimony against their abusers was often dismissed, but now, awareness of domestic violence has permeated most legal institutions, and it is now regarded as a crime.

Cycle of Domestic Violence (05:17)

Domestic violence tends to follow an identifiable pattern consisting of three phases: 1) the violence phase; 2) "Hearts and flowers" phase, a time when the batterer feels remorseful; and 3) the "carping" phase," a systematic undermining of the woman.

Escalation of Violence (01:50)

The cycle of violence is the batterer's cycle, not the wife's. If allowed to continue, the violence will escalate in frequency and violence, and the cycle will end in homicide, suicide, or both.

Underlying Belief Systems (07:05)

Colleen Croft dispels many of the myths surrounding domestic violence. Young boys and men learn that they are in life-and-death competition with nearly everyone.

Support Group for Violent Men (07:36)

In a support group for wife batterers, men act out violent episodes to help them get back to the violent event, to own their violence, to experience the energy involved in becoming violent, and to recognize how they take authority.

Domestic Violence Support Groups (05:54)

In this segment, men and women in separate support groups talk about their abusive relationships and recognize the losses and the fears they have experienced as a result

Society and Violence (03:56)

A former batterer expresses his feelings about growing up in a society that does not support a violence-free lifestyle for men. Another man recalls his fear and insecurity about the possibility that he would lose his wife to another man.

Children and Domestic Violence (02:24)

A former batterer notes signs of violence in his son, and he hopes to be a good example for him. Another man talks about the challenges of being a single father, but he isn't afraid to reach out or ask for help.

Violence: Not an Option (03:20)

Former abusers learn that there are alternatives to their violent behavior, yet many men do not know how to change. Men need to change their belief systems and skills and be accountable for their behavior.

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This program examines male violence towards women by following three men with a history of abuse who have joined a program to help them stop their abusive behavior. The issues of authority and control by men over women, both physically and mentally, are explored by the men and by domestic counselors as a major cause of male violence towards women. Popular misconceptions such as the woman’s role in "provoking" the violence are dispelled. Two women from different socioeconomic backgrounds describe their experiences in abusive relationships. (49 minutes)

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"An unusually sociological analysis of domestic violence and male dominance."—Teaching Sociology

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