Segments in this Video

Future of School Choice in America: Introduction (02:10)


Learn about the National School Choice Week Whistle Stop Tour and meet the participants Andrew Campanella, Lisa Snell, Lisa Keegan, Lance Izumi, and Larry Sand.

What is on the Horizon for School Choice? (02:36)

Keegan says there has never been a more exciting time to be in education because of innovation and accountability. Izumi talks about the importance of technology.

Will Technology Lower the Cost of Education? (02:42)

The current structure of school funding is not designed to take advantage of savings made by new education models. Accountability will elevate the teaching profession.

Problems with Open Enrollment (04:21)

The panel discusses why more states don not have inter-district school choice. They also talk about the future of charter schools.

Importance of Private School Options (02:26)

Keegan talks about vouchers, tuition tax credits, and education savings accounts. These systems give teachers more freedom.

What Are Best Practices? (02:26)

The panel discusses what teachers and administrators are doing to produce great public schools. A discrepancy exists between accountability and the power to make decisions.

Commitment to Excellence (03:13)

Keegan talks about resistance to giving public school principals freedom and flexibility.

Benefit of Competition (01:38)

Izumi thinks that school choice can help propel all schools to be better.

What to Do With Failing Schools (03:13)

The panel talks about selective accountability and what to do with schools that are not serving students well.

Cons of Blended Learning Model (04:47)

Closing schools cuts community jobs. The panel discusses how education reformers can involve people that will be impacted by changes.

Role of Teachers in Education Reform (02:06)

Campanella outlines the subjects in this portion of the program. Keegan uses Arizona schools as an example of available leadership resources.

Teacher Satisfaction and Ratings (02:07)

Snell mentions a survey of teacher attitudes that gave surprising results. She also discusses the importance of differentiating between teachers.

Obstacle to Reform (02:24)

Sand addresses the importance of allowing teachers to be leaders. Izumi points out a problem with unions.

Can School Choice Empower Teachers? (03:47)

The panel discusses stagnant teacher salaries and career options.

What Do Teachers Want? (04:11)

The panel discusses how to setup teachers for success. Effective teachers should be rewarded and put in front of as many children as possible.

State Supported Student Finance (02:06)

The panel explains how schools get state money and discusses the need for school funding reform.

Need for Public Funding Reform (03:17)

Snell discusses the problem with using property taxes to fund schools. Sand thinks federal funding is a waste of money.

Does It Matter Where a School Is? (02:03)

The panel discusses various school facilities, including a $600 million dollar high school in Los Angeles.

Are We Spending Too Much Money on Sports? (02:53)

The panel addresses the value of sports as an influences in school choice. Arts and music have not been eliminated.

Final Thoughts on School Choice (06:10)

The panel discusses what can be done to promote school choice. Parents are an important part of the process.

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Aboard the National School Choice Week Whistle Stop Tour, this hour-long panel discussion about the state of the school choice movement in America features National School Choice Week President Andrew Campanella, Reason Foundation Director of Education Policy Lisa Snell, former Arizona Superintendent and education reformer Lisa Keegan, Pacific Research Foundation Educational Director Lance Izumi, and California Teachers' Empowerment Network founder Larry Sand. The talk covers four sub-topics: the next steps for school choice, best practices at the top public schools, the role of teachers in the choice movement, and the crucial ways in which funding affects educational outcomes. A Reason TV production.

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