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Mandela: From Prison to President

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This moving and intimate portrait of Nelson Mandela shows us the man—truly a hero of our times—within the context of the times and the problems they present. After 27 years in prison and a life dedicated to the liberation of black South Africans, Mandela became President. What toll has this unswerving devotion and cruel imprisonment taken on Mandela the man? Through the testimony of his most intimate friends and family, a very personal picture emerges: his estranged wife Winnie recalls their courtship, her visits to Mandela in prison, the joy of his release, the anguish of their failed marriage, her longing for reconciliation; his daughter Zinzi, who first met her father when she was 13, describes her continuing bitterness at how apartheid destroyed her family; Archbishop Desmond Tutu gives a powerful and lucid assessment of Mandela; friends and colleagues reveal the human being behind what has become the Mandela myth. The program also confronts head-on the momentous questions that must be answered: how to end the violence that is still part of daily life; what the future will be of the white business community; whether he can persuade the white right-wing to lay down its arms; and whether he can appease and control the radical youth of the townships. Mandela and South Africa have come a long way, but the journey is far from over. (52 minutes)

Length: 52 minutes

Item#: BVL5340

ISBN: 978-1-4213-6610-4

Copyright date: ©1994

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