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Evidence of Air Pollution's Harmful Effects (04:40)


Air pollution is common in parts of the world where trees die, where waters and soils acidify, and where people suffer unexplained respiratory problems. History is filled with evidence of dirty air's harmful effects on human health.

Air Pollution Damages Forests and Waters (05:20)

The first study of air pollution's effects on forests was conducted by University of Vermont scientists in the 1970's. There is consensus within the scientific community that air pollution damages Earth's natural environment.

Air Pollution Threatens America's Natural Heritage (03:59)

Visibility in some national parks is now less than 20 miles in places where it used to approach 100 miles. Besides reducing visibility, air pollution threatens the health of forests, waterways, and creatures within the national parks.

Acid Rain Kills Fish (02:36)

A trout farm's waters are measured at 80 times normal acidity. The owner did not believe acid rain was an environmental threat until he lost thousands of pounds of fish over a ten year period.

Questioning Air Pollution's Effects (05:08)

Large sections of America's eastern forests are sick and dying. Scientists agree that air pollution can weaken forests but disagree about its specific effects in specific locations.

Acid Rain Destroys Mount Mitchell (02:42)

The effects of air pollution have destroyed the red spruce forest that used to thrive on North Carolina's Mount Mitchell. Acid deposition in the soil there is ten times higher than the soil can process.

Air Pollution in Eastern Europe (07:02)

Heavy industry using outdated equipment pollutes the Czech Republic's air at alarming levels. Air pollution causes significant damage to the environment and to human health there and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

Air Pollution's Health Effects (05:11)

Ozone and sulfur dioxide inflame and damage lungs. Children who live in communities with high levels of air pollution have high risks of developing respiratory illnesses.

Air Pollution Damages Children's Health (04:10)

Studies conducted in pollution-plagued Los Angeles found that young people's lungs are significantly damaged by air pollution. These children will likely have to restrict activities as they age in order to accommodate limited breathing capacities.

Clean Air Act Controversy (03:48)

State and federal governments share responsibility for enforcing the Clean Air Act. The American Lung Association has sued the Environmental Protection Agency over the issue that some Clean Air Act emissions standards are too lenient.

Reducing Air Pollution (05:50)

New ways of generating power can help reduce air pollution and be profitable for business. Some claim that the United States government has mismanaged emissions control efforts by setting unrealistically high short-term goals.

Urgent: Immediate Action is Necessary (03:51)

Motor vehicles are the leading cause of air pollution in the United States. Most scientists contend that existing evidence makes immediate action to protect Earth's environment a matter of extreme urgency.

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