Segments in this Video

Public Service Announcement Promotes Voting (01:12)


A montage of celebrities and politicians encourages Americans to become involved in the political process by exercising the right to vote.

Voter Registration (05:01)

A grassroots organizer works to register new voters. Apathy, a sense of disengagement from the political process, and voter registration procedures contribute to low voter turnout rates in the United States.

Effects of Partisan Politics on Voter Registration (01:52)

Politicians express conflicting viewpoints about low rates of voter registration and turnout. A grassroots political organizer charges that democracy suffers because Republicans do not want participation from poor and minority voters.

Recruiting Young Voters: Rock the Vote (02:56)

The largest group of non-voters in America is between the ages of 18 and 24. The organization Rock the Vote works to involve and register young, often apathetic, non-voters with a massive media campaign and with grassroots efforts.

Involving Young People in the Political Process (02:15)

The mayor of Baldwin Park, California credits the involvement of young people as a significant factor in his political success. He and his youthful supporters share thoughts on the significance of involving young people in the political process.

Entertainment and Issues in Politics (03:00)

Musician and activist Michael Franti describes his efforts to inspire fans he believes are not politically awake. Father Andrew Greeley acknowledges the role of entertainment but asserts that issues still transcend entertainment in politics.

Rap Music's Influence on Politics (03:08)

Bill Moyers proposes the idea that music videos corrupt political discourse. A rap artist and a communications expert discuss the influence of rap music on politics and on involving young people in the political process.

Identifying with Political Candidates (04:24)

Bill Moyers leads a discussion about issues which contribute to low rates of voter turnout. Father Andrew Greeley and rap artist Michael Franti address the importance of identifying with a candidate in bringing voters to the polls.

Effects of Ridicule and Satire on Politics (02:49)

Bill Moyers asserts that popular culture diminishes distinctions between political candidates by making them all targets of ridicule and sarcasm. Panelists discuss the effects of humor on political campaigns and on politics in general.

Negative Effects of Media on Politics (03:16)

Father Andrew Greeley points out the danger in the media's power to shape negative images of political candidates. Rap artist Michael Franti asserts popular culture reflects, but does not cause, his negative views of politicians.

Politics, the Media, and Inspiration (05:43)

Bill Moyers interviews a diverse panel about issues which contribute to voter apathy in the United States. Panelists discuss personal heroes and address the ways in which popular culture and the media filter or destroy messages of inspiration.

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Getting Out the Vote

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This program with Bill Moyers talks to Americans in San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C., about why they don’t vote, and to citizens who are trying to increase voter registration and turnout. Featured in the program are Father Andrew Greeley, author, priest, and sociologist; and Michael Franti, a rap artist. (39 minutes)

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