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Family Values: What Are They? (03:35)


Archival film footage of G.H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Ross Perot, and Bill Clinton show each man expounding on family values. Author Richard Louv discusses what parents and politicians have to say about family values.

Parents Face Challenges in America (05:32)

Parents talk about the struggles of raising children in a society that devalues working mothers, requires both parents to work, holds up a vision of the good life that is unattainable, devalues children, and keeps people isolated from support systems.

Child Rearing: Community Effort (03:24)

Rosalie Street of Parent Action and Jill Bradley of Chicago Housing Authority confirm that parents feel isolated in dealing with parental responsibilities. Family and community webs of support have been pulling apart over the decades.

Family Case Study (04:15)

Cameras follow a San Diego family of two parents and three children and a single income through a typical day. The father volunteers in a counseling center that serves his community where unemployment is 30-40%.

Role of the Church in Supporting Families (04:46)

Through a community-based coalition, churches canvass their communities, talking with individuals about their problems and hopes. As a result, the coalition approached legislators for monetary support to improve community services.

Community Strength, Family Values, and Public Policy (05:23)

San Diego community members feel empowered by their connections with each other and their strength to make a difference. Public policy decisions are hampered by the polarization of liberals and conservatives.

Case Study: Single Mother (07:00)

A single, unemployed mother attends a parenting class with other singles moms recovering from substance addictions. She must find a job that pays for childcare expenses and health coverage. She chooses older women as mentors and models.

Fatherlessness, Divorce, and Single-Parent Families (05:15)

Programs and services tend to overlook the fathers of children reared in single-parent homes. Where are family life and education classes in high schools and colleges? Daycare is a critical issue for single moms

A Woman Dedicated to Create Connecting Places (06:41)

City planners often focus on sewage systems and parking instead of children's play areas. Missing are places that invite connection in homes and communities such as great rooms, big porches, gathering places, parks, and playgrounds.

Building Family-Friendly Communities (05:02)

Developers and politicians are far behind parents and neighborhoods in knowing what's best for communities. Parents want more flexible work schedules without loss of benefits and after-school programs to meet children’s needs.

Family Crisis: America's Crisis (02:55)

America needs a family movement modeled after the feminist movement that begins at the grassroots, and becomes a nationwide kitchen-table network. Moyers sums up the issues in the film.

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Families Matter

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This program with Bill Moyers examines why America has become an unfriendly culture for families and children, and explores ways to rebuild a web of support for families. Among those featured on the program are Rosalie Streett, Exec. Director of Parent Action (Baltimore, MD); Jill Bradley, Director of Child Care Services, Chicago Housing Authority; and Richard Louv, author of the book Childhood’s Future. They discuss some of the practical steps needed to create a more hospitable social climate for families. The program also visits parents in San Diego who are struggling with some of the problems affecting the quality of parents’ and children’s lives. (60 minutes)

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