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New Political Perspective (00:54)


1992 is a record year for women running for office. View clips of female candidates attending rallies and canvassing.

Sponsor Message: Women in American Politics (00:56)

Sponsor Message: Women in American Politics

Gender Imbalance in Congress (01:21)

Female members of Moyers' staff were angered by footage of a male, white Congress at Bush's State of the Union. Women are starting to challenge the political status quo.

Response to Thomas/Hill Hearings (02:39)

Outraged by dismissive attitudes towards sexual harassment, women began running for office. View clips of Anita Hill's testimony and a "Designing Women" episode.

Search for Political Outsiders (02:59)

Since the Thomas/Hill case, more than 200 women are running for Congress. Harriett Woods describes changes in issues and gender attitudes since 1982.

Challenging Gender and Racial Status Quo (04:04)

African-American candidate Carol Moseley Braun's senate campaign is a symbol of the Thomas/Hill fall out. Having defeated Alan Dixon in the primary, she describes her motivation for running.

Running for Senate Diversity (05:01)

Learn Braun's political background and accompany her on a day of campaigning in Chicago. Supporters are encouraged by her commitment to democracy, women's rights, and representing minorities.

Electing a Fresh Perspective (03:18)

Braun's victory shows that message and timing are important as well as campaign funds—and voters are fed up with unequal representation in Congress.

Incremental Political Gender Changes (03:00)

D-CO Pat Schroeder describes her experience in Congress; she and Labor Secretary Lynn Martin still feel like outsiders after 20 years in Washington.

Remaining Independent (03:47)

Follow Kentucky Republican Susan Stokes on her door-to-door campaign for Congress. Learn how she lost her district after voting against a problematic education reform bill.

Soliciting Campaign Funds (04:03)

Stokes pitches her independent Republican platform against incumbent Democrat Ron Mazzoli to a Louisville bank. Board members say her gender isn't a factor in their decision to donate.

Bipartisan Support for Women's Issues (03:47)

Members of the Kentucky Women's Political Caucus discuss how to overcome gender barriers to candidacy. They believe female voters will cross party lines for Stokes' pro-choice platform.

Female vs. Male Governance (04:12)

Oklahoma state senator Vicki Miles-LaGrange discusses championing family and racial issues. Woods is excited about women's effectiveness in the political process and Schroeder addresses balancing strength with compassion.

Empowering Female Politicians (01:34)

Martin calls for women to recognize their ability rather than match male arrogance. Schroeder believes the Thomas/Hill hearings would have a different outcome if the jury were all female.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling (04:07)

Female politicians discuss how women are gaining traction in the 1992 election. Miles-LaGrange tells how she overcame racial and gender barriers to win in Oklahoma.

Expanding Washington Priorities (02:14)

Female politicians talk about balancing family issues with traditional male power concerns. Woods argues that more women in government will benefit society as a whole.

Right to Choose (03:19)

Female politicians share their views on how abortion will affect the 1992 election year—and how it connects to other life choice issues.

Promoting Equal Representation (03:19)

Female politicians believe women should aim for the presidency—as competent politicians, rather than figureheads. Moyers ends with a Sojourner Truth quote about female leadership.

Credits: Women in American Politics (01:18)

Credits: Women in American Politics

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This program with Bill Moyers looks at the rising number of women on the political scene and their impressions of politics. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, former Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin, Senator Carol Moseley Braun, and other female politicians talk about the challenges women candidates face, describe their experiences in male bastions of power, why it’s important for women to participate in politics, and what women bring to governing our nation. (60 minutes)

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"Explores issues surrounding gender role expectations, sexual harassment, and structural inequality as they relate to women’s participation in politics in a refreshing and informative way."—Teaching Sociology

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