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Community Participation in Chicago (01:01)


Residents and city officials discuss how to make planning processes work for everyone.

Making Government Work: Sponsor Message (01:01)

Making Government Work: Sponsor Message

Organizing for Democracy (01:32)

Moyers reports from Chicago, where residents are improving their neighborhoods through public-private partnerships. Members of the National Commission on State and Local Public Service join him in the studio.

Gentrifying Industrial Areas (01:55)

Chicago developers are turning manufacturing buildings into residential space in the Clybourn Corridor—threatening local employment.

Chicago Planned Manufacturing Districts (04:45)

Residential, commercial and manufacturing stakeholders participated in the Clybourn Corridor planning initiative. Developers, union members and company owners share their opinions of new zoning laws protecting local industry.

Democracy on the Ground (02:32)

A Chicago community organizer describes the grassroots fight for city support. A member of local government acknowledges that politicians serve campaign contributors, rather than citizens.

Public Policy for Business Interests (03:03)

Learn how Sears used taxpayer dollars to relocate manufacturing to the Chicago suburbs—decreasing inner city employment. Grassroots organization is crucial for government response to community needs.

Halting Gentrification (02:30)

Experts discuss how community empowerment can resist development pressures and retain manufacturing jobs in local neighborhoods.

Parks Decentralization Program (04:10)

Chicago residents manage their own parks through localized advisory councils—an initiative started after the city had neglected recreational facilities in African-American and Latino neighborhoods.

Community Ownership (01:28)

After losing city park funds, residents of a white, middle class Chicago neighborhood raised $50,000 to replace old playground structures.

Decentralization Critics (02:24)

Chicago's park advisory council program requires active citizens—a challenge in some low-income neighborhoods. Englewood residents building a recreational facility are frustrated with bureaucracy.

Inner City Recreational Opportunities (03:54)

Chicago's Garfield Park supervisor formed a coalition with business, community and political leaders to provide a safe place for neighborhood children.

Leadership for Community Empowerment (03:15)

Experts discuss the importance of channeling civic engagement in pushing government to meet residential needs.

Lessons from Grassroots Organizing (02:03)

A Chicago community leader describes how he engaged residents and politicians to create a safe environment for children, and connects urban deterioration to economic and moral issues.

Community Policing Program (03:36)

Chicago's Austin district has placed beat officers on the street to establish relationships with young people at risk—an initiative supported by residents.

Alternative to Street Life (01:56)

A local Chicago police station offers youth classes to build self-esteem, responsibility and citizenship. Although violent crime is still an issue, the program gives community members hope.

Organizing for a Political Voice (03:54)

A Chicago residential leader shares her community empowerment efforts—including addressing public housing stigmas.

Helping Communities Help Themselves (04:28)

The head of Chicago's HUD discusses how the welfare system works against working families—and grassroots organization is crucial for change. He started a public housing orchestra to prove poor children thrive with equal opportunities.

Making Government Work for Communities (05:20)

Chicago residents and city officials discuss lessons learned from grassroots organization efforts and civic engagement.

Credits: Making Government Work (01:17)

Credits: Making Government Work

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Making Government Work

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This program with Bill Moyers explores firsthand how citizens are taking action to improve their communities, focusing on Chicago, where citizens groups have joined with government officials to preserve manufacturing jobs, revitalize parks, and prevent crime. Members of the National Commission on State and Local Public Service provide a national perspective. (60 minutes)

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