Segments in this Video

Americans Express Disgust for Politics (03:56)


Bill Moyers describes the deep sense of frustration Americans feel toward partisan politics and their elected leaders. Voters express their observations, concerns, and disillusionment with the political process.

Dissatisfaction Among Voters (03:05)

A Washington Post reporter interviews American citizens regarding their feelings about politics and presidential candidates. He asserts that voters' dissatisfaction has begun to transcend lines of ideology and political parties.

Senator Rudman Sounds Off (05:59)

Reputable Republican senator Warren Rudman surprised many when he decided not to seek reelection. Rudman shares his views on why voters feel so much discontent, cynicism, and anger for their elected leaders.

Senator Rudman Steps Down (02:36)

Republican senator Warren Rudman decided not to seek reelection partly due to frustration with the political system. Rudman responds to those who suggest he should remain in office and fight for Congressional reforms.

Truth, Politics, and the Economy (05:17)

Bill Moyers interviews Senator Warren Rudman about American politics and his decision not to run for reelection. Rudman warns of serious economic problems and asserts that the system makes it difficult for politicians to be truthful.

Lack of Faith in the Government (02:33)

Average citizens express dismay and frustration with the state of the American political system. A Washington Post reporter asserts that it has been a long time since people saw the kind of meaningful aid the government provided with the 1944 G.I. Bill.

U.S. Representatives Address Voter Discontent (02:35)

Bill Moyers interviews members of Congress regarding the state of American politics. Each of the representatives expresses opinions about the government and about widespread discontent among American citizens.

Voter Discontent: Policies or Procedures? (03:59)

Congressmen Dave Obey and Barney Frank attribute the American people's discontent with the government to economic policies and problems. Congresswoman Susan Molinari asserts that procedural problems in Congress are the issue.

Partisan Politics (02:50)

Bill Moyers details voters' complaints about the government and asserts that the American people do not want to hear the partisan blame game. U.S. representatives Dave Obey, Barney Frank, and Susan Molinari respond to Moyers' statement.

The American Deficit (02:21)

Bill Moyers asserts that the American government's deficit is running out of control. Representatives Dave Obey, Barney Frank, and Susan Molinari discuss the deficit and describe demands made for government funds.

Catering to Constituencies (05:29)

U.S. representatives respond to a charge that they cater too much to their constituencies. They assert the need to balance the needs of those they represent with the greater good of the nation.

The Political Game (01:03)

U.S. representatives respond to a charge that they seek election because they love playing the political game. They assert that the majority of politicians are motivated by a desire to serve and to influence public policy.

Money and Politics (04:27)

Bill Moyers asserts that many voters believe money has corrupted the soul of American politics. A panel of U.S. representatives addresses issues related to the influence of money on the political system and campaign finance reform.

Politics as a Spiritual Vocation (03:49)

Bill Moyers reads a quote which proposes politicians bear significant responsibility for the moral state of society. A panel of U.S. representatives shares individual thoughts on politics as a moral and spiritual vocation.

The State of American Politics (02:23)

Bill Moyers details a disconnect which seems to exist between politicians and voters concerning reasons for frustration with the political system. Politicians, voters, and a reporter offer thoughts about the state of American politics.

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This program with Bill Moyers examines both the disenchantment of American voters and the frustrations of members of Congress as they try to work within the system. Voters say they have heard too many promises, and have seen too few results; politicians say that a sensational press and uninformed voters make it hard to govern. The program features five politicians (former Senator Warren Rudman and representatives Barney Frank, Dave Obey, Susan Molinari, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen) and their responses to the exasperation of the American people. (60 minutes)

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