Segments in this Video

Excerpts from "America, What Went Wrong?" (04:48)


Investigative reporters charge that the American middle class is undermined by government policies which reward companies who transfer jobs abroad. Working people who have lost their jobs share their stories.

MagneTek, Inc. Moves to Mexico (03:05)

The manufacturing plants of more than 1,800 American companies line the Mexican side of the border that runs from California to Texas. A woman who lost her job of 33 years when her factory was moved to Mexico shares her story.

Competition Forces a Move to Mexico (03:32)

Hundreds of people lost their jobs when an American businessman moved his manufacturing plant to Mexico. He explains that the move was necessary to remain competitive with companies who had already moved operations to Mexico.

American Jobs Go Abroad (02:57)

Investigative reporters and a businessman debate the issue of moving American factories and jobs to Mexico and other countries. The reporters assert that government policies encourage companies to move outside the United States.

Loyalty and Competition in Business (02:51)

Bill Moyers interviews a businessman who moved his manufacturing plant from the United States to Mexico. He and a pair of investigative reporters debate issues concerning loyalty to American workers and subsidizing American businesses.

The Economy and Small Business (07:46)

Bill Moyers asks small business owners in New York City for opinions about the state of the American economy. They share thoughts on how their businesses are struggling and offer ideas for strengthening the economy.

Slow Economic Growth and Recession (01:28)

Bill Moyers interviews co-editor of "The American Prospect Quarterly," Robert Kuttner, regarding cures for American economic problems. Kuttner addresses issues related to slow economic growth and recession.

Keeping Small Business Strong (02:20)

Bill Moyers interviews Patricia Saiki, head of the Small Business Administration, regarding cures for American economic problems. Saiki asserts that promoting and protecting the small business sector is a key factor in strengthening the economy.

Diminished Wealth and Economic Decline (01:34)

Bill Moyers interviews former Kennedy administration staffer Richard Goodwin regarding cures for American economic problems. Goodwin asserts that a diminished capacity to create wealth will initiate long-term economic decline.

The American Deficit (01:59)

Bill Moyers interviews professor and author Henry Nau regarding cures for American economic problems. Nau stresses the need for the United States government to reduce its deficit through sound fiscal policy.

American Jobs in a Global Economy (04:20)

Bill Moyers interviews experts who sympathize with an individual businessman who moves a factory out of the U.S. to remain competitive. Panelists debate ideas for keeping jobs in the United States and remaining competitive in a global economy.

International Trade Policies (06:01)

Business and trade are international in nature but individual countries largely determine their own policies. Experts debate the government's role and responsibility for developing trade policies which protect American business and workers.

Strategies for Putting Americans to Work (04:43)

Bill Moyers seeks cures for an ailing American economy from a panel of experts. Panelists share specific ideas for strengthening the economy in ways that will benefit workers who have lost their jobs.

Leadership and Economic Reform (03:03)

A panel of experts addresses issues related to strengthening an ailing American economy. Panelists assert the need for a new kind of political leadership and acknowledge the influence of money on leaders and on the political process.

Presidential Politics and the Economy (02:00)

Excerpts from speeches by presidential candidates George Bush and Bill Clinton illustrate their views on creating a strong American economy. Each candidate addresses issues of economic policy, education, infrastructure, and the global economy.

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This program with Bill Moyers focuses on what we can do to repair the U.S. economy. A business executive explains why his company closed its factories in the U.S. and moved manufacturing operations to Mexico. Among those who discuss potential solutions to problems facing the American economy are Robert Kuttner, co-editor of The American Prospect; Henry Nau, author of The Myth of America’s Decline; and Patricia Saiki, head of the Small Business Administration. (60 minutes)

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