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Joining Church and State (02:19)


Reconstructionist leaders believe Christianity should be a part of American politics. Hear a rendition of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

Christian Reconstructionism (00:57)

Moyers introduces a grassroots movement aiming to infuse religion into every area of American life, including civic institutions.

Christian Education Movement (03:17)

A Presbyterian church in Detroit and a megachurch in Atlanta share a Reconstructionist message. A school principal refers to teaching "Christian soldiers" and followers discuss putting religion into institutions.

Godfather of Reconstructionism (02:06)

Dr. Rushdoony believes the Bible should be used as law in the U.S. He responds to Moyers' question of interpreting the Old Testament for a modern world.

Biblical Basis for Law (01:12)

Dr. Rushdoony interprets the Bible literally, and believes that the constitution can be retained while introducing a faith-based moral law.

Biblical Government (01:38)

Dr. Rushdoony believes global social breakdown can be remedied by adopting ancient Jerusalem's theocracy model.

Reconstructionist Civic Model (01:46)

Government would be reduced in size and function; church offerings would provide taxation and elders would form moral courts. Dr. Rushdoony outlines an economy based on short-term debt.

Biblical Social Model (03:22)

Dr. Rushdoony explains "crimes" against the family such as homosexuality are punishable by death. He argues that current laws are based on a religious mandate, and explains that a Christian legal system would require popular assent.

Calvinist Lessons (02:52)

Reconstructionists cite the Holy Roman Empire and the Puritans as Christian governance models. A Detroit pastor discusses how the concept of theocracy is spreading throughout the U.S.

Democracy as a Godless System (03:44)

Reconstructionists cite "un-Christian" Supreme Court rulings on abortion, prayer in school, and taxes as evidence that the majority rule has created social ills. Dr. Rushdoony rejects U.S. humanist values.

Promoting Reconstructionism (02:53)

Moyers outlines publications, Congressional supporters, organizations, local initiatives, and other areas of Dr. Rushdoony’s public influence.

Lobbying for Religion in Politics (03:15)

Virginia politician Robert Thoburn believes the Reconstructionist movement is gaining momentum. He describes how government, economy, and education and justice systems would be modeled on the Bible.

Following a Reconstructionist Lifestyle (03:33)

A Detroit couple works on a Christian Republican campaign and leads a home school movement; their daughter wants to be a business leader.

Promoting Christian Prosperity (02:27)

A converted Jewish couple home schools their children and runs political and business groups to attract reconstructionist followers through financial success.

Kingdom Theology (04:17)

Reconstructionist ideas are appearing in both small and large congregations. Visit a Charismatic Atlanta mega church whose preacher promotes a Christian theocracy.

Popularizing Reconstructionism (02:05)

Atlanta reverend Joseph Morecraft explains how joining Calvinist and Charismatic worship traditions reaches a broader Christian audience.

Uniting Reconstructionists (00:52)

Morecraft arranged a meeting of Christian denominations and hopes to gain political momentum by creating a coalition.

Reconstructionist Criticism (03:24)

At a Christian Congress in Washington, D.C., Chuck Colson identifies flaws in the concept of imposing of Biblical law on secular society. Dr. Geisler explains that evangelicals want a moral society, rather than a Christian one.

Militant Reconstructionism (05:12)

Dr. Geisler and David Chilton criticize Gary North's extremist plans to take over government. Dr. Rushdoony believes the population should retain freedoms in a Christian theocracy.

Reconstructionist Debate (02:59)

Hear from proponents and critics of a Christian theocracy in America.

Reconstructionist Conclusion (01:26)

Moyers summarizes his investigation on the movement for a Christian theocracy.

Credits: On Earth As It Is in Heaven (01:21)

Credits: On Earth As It Is in Heaven

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This program explores Christian Reconstructionism, a powerful grassroots movement that urges believers to become politically active in order to create a worldview where the Bible is the basis for all government, laws, and economic systems. The movement offers an all-encompassing view on how to run a government, an economy, or one’s personal life. Host Bill Moyers says the mainstream press has ignored the growth of Christian Reconstructionism just as it ignored the growth of the alliance of the political right with the religious right, until Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell joined forces on the national stage. But the Christian Reconstructionists are a potentially far more significant influence, Moyers believes. "Americans generally may have heard little of this movement so far," he says, "but they will hear much in the years to come. These new ‘Christian soldiers’ have enlisted for a long campaign." (60 minutes)

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