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Consuming Images

Item #: 4932

Leading Questions

Item #: 4933

Illusions of News

Item #: 4934

The Truth About Lies

Item #: 4935

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The Public Mind

The Series Includes : Consuming Images | Leading Questions | Illusions of News | The Truth About Lies
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This series explores "image and reality in America"—how public opinion is formed through the mingling of fact and fiction in a society saturated with images. The series examines the impact on democracy of a mass culture whose basic information comes from image-making, the media, public opinion polls, public relations, and propaganda. According to host Bill Moyers, "Our public discourse and our ability as a political culture to face reality depend upon our information system. If it gives us an inadequate picture of reality, we wind up in trouble. Our own willingness to face reality has been deeply affected by the triumph of the visual image as the grammar of the times." The series explores the following issues: Are we able, any longer, to distinguish between truth and fiction? When the line is steadily and pervasively blurred, what happens to the consent of the governed? Do we even know we are ill-informed? 4-part series, 60 minutes each.

Item#: BVL4931

ISBN: 978-1-4213-9847-1

Copyright date: ©1994

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