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Early Years of Alice Walker (04:47)


Alice Walker, the eighth child to be born, was raised by her sharecropper parents in the South. She spent most of her time outdoors to escape crowded living conditions. Her writing reflects this sense of openness.

Women and the Civil Rights Movement (04:25)

Alice Walker's "Meridian" explores the role of women in the Civil Rights Movement and its inherent sexism. She becomes known for her theme of women's spiritual rebirth through active resistance against the twin evils of racism and sexism.

Womanists: Black Feminists (03:03)

Alice Walked calls black feminists "womanists." In Walker's writing, womanists can only flourish when there are others to sustain them.

Alice Walker on Being Black (03:50)

Alice Walker asserts, "Being black, being a woman, and being a writer is just the most wonderful challenge. It’s like having three eyes, three hearts, rather than one." Walker's writing has sustained her emotionally during dark times in her life.

Alice Walker's Universal Themes (03:09)

It is by probing the particular problems of black women that Alive Walker strikes the universal. Of Walker's five novels, "The Color Purple" is written almost entirely in black English, a language Walker maintains is a legitimate one.

Southern Culture: Black Wisdom (03:30)

Alice Walker takes issue with the notion that blacks are split into two opposing selves: one black, and one American. Walker is the first contemporary author to look to Southern culture for wisdom, particularly from black women.

Alice Walker's Protest Writing (03:07)

Alice Walker's most recent novel, "Possessing the Secret of Joy," protests an ancient ritual still practiced today: female genital mutilation. Walker reserves her sharpest criticism for America's shortsightedness.

Alice Walker on Healing (01:43)

The first step toward universal healing of the planet and its people is acceptance and self-forgiveness.

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"Being black, being a woman, and being a writer is just the most wonderful challenge. It’s like having three eyes, three hearts, rather than one," says the author of The Color Purple in this profile, as she relives her journey from an impoverished childhood in rural Georgia to the peace and creativity of her present life in northern California. Alice Walker describes how the Civil Rights movement transformed her life, defines her concept of "womanism," and explains her recurrent theme of a woman’s recovery of wholeness through resistance to racism and sexism. (33 minutes)

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