Segments in this Video

Independence Day Rifle Match (02:25)


An annual shooting competition held in the Arizona desert is a celebration of the 2nd amendment. The U.S. is the most heavily armed nation in the world.

Shooting Competition (02:06)

An Independence Day Rifle Match organizer walks through a dry run of the course.

What is Good Legislation? (02:20)

The Arizona Citizen's Defense League is a local lobby that argues for easier access to guns. A founder of the group argues that guns do not mean more crime.

Random Crime (01:56)

A woman who was shot and paralyzed by a stranger tells her story. Her fiance was blinded and brain damaged. She argues for tougher gun laws.

One Gun, One Night, One City (03:25)

A Tuscon police officer talks about the complexities of Arizona gun laws. He responds to a fight between two armed men.

Undercover Footage of Straw Sale (03:30)

There are an abundance of gun stores in Arizona. They are required by law to perform background checks. Criminals will often have someone with a clean record buy a gun for them.

Gun Stores #2 and #3 (03:48)

There is no limit on the number of guns a person with a clean record can buy. Straw purchasers have been known to buy multiple guns. A store owner denies the sale.

Gun Store #4 (01:21)

A store employee talks about the gun show loophole that allows purchase without a background check.

Gun Show (02:57)

A firearms expert provides support to the undercover investigators as they purchase a hand gun and ammunition from a private gun dealer

Gun Show Continued (02:21)

Undercover investigators purchase several hand guns without providing identification. A police officer runs a check on their purchases.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (01:56)

The ATF his little oversight of sales at Arizona gun shows.

Cartel Weapons (02:38)

The drug war in Mexico has claimed 60,000. The Mexican army is eradicating a marijuana field. The majority of seized weapons come from the U.S.

U.S.-Mexico Border (03:11)

Smugglers always find new ways to move goods across the border. A tunnel built by a cartel was found in an Arizona warehouse near the border crossing.

Online Gun Ads (02:06)

The AK-47 is one of the most popular guns among Mexican cartels. The Internet makes it easy to purchase weapons in Arizona.

Parking Lot Gun Sale (04:20)

Undercover investigators purchase an AK-47 from a seller found online.

Ready for War (02:43)

Undercover investigators buy a .50 caliber sniper rifle from a private party ..

Shooting Practice (03:36)

The AK-47 is the most used weapon in conflicts around the world. Undercover investigators fire the weapons they have illegally purchased.

Credits: Armed and Undercover: Inside Secret America (00:17)

Credits: Armed and Undercover: Inside Secret America

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Journalists Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster go undercover to see how guns fall into the hands of criminals in a dangerous journey that takes them all the way to an underground tunnel in Mexico.

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