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Introduction: Blow Your Mind (01:19)


In this video, Destin explores ways glass is made stronger for protection against car wrecks, bullets and outer space.

Bulletproof Glass (04:00)

See what happens when an AK-47 is fired at transparent armor. Multiple layers of glass absorb the force of the bullet while a plastic layer protects the target.

Space Glass (01:48)

See early developmental helmets and a window from Apollo at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Glass had to be created at over 3,600° to survive a space mission.

Making Glass (02:05)

Glass dates back over 3,000 years. Adding ingredients to sand makes it melt easier.

Breaking Automotive Glass (03:13)

Engineers began making safety glass in 1927. Destin demonstrates how side windows and windshields break differently.

Tempered Glass (01:50)

Protective automotive glass gets its properties from the tempering process. A stress layer is created when the outer layer is cooled quicker than the inner, making it stronger and safer.

Prince Rupert's Drop (02:43)

Prince Rupert of Bavaria first brought the glass to England around 1660. Learn how it is made and why it explodes when broken.

Explosion Velocity of Prince Rupert's Drop (02:03)

The explosion speed is measured using a high speed camera. A fly falls victim to the experiment.

Prince Rupert's Drop vs. Bullet (02:27)

A bullet obliterates most glass objects. See a bullet destroyed when it hits a Rupert's drop bulb.

Credits: Blow Your Mind (00:44)

Credits: Blow Your Mind

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Blow Your Mind

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Destin is an Alabama engineer with a unique curiosity about how the world works, and he’s determined to understand the science in everyday life. After seeing a viral video about a guy using armored glass as protection against an AK-47, Destin sets off on a journey to explore the limits of glass. From bullet-resistant glass to automobile windows, Destin tests the ability of glass to withstand a wide variety of stresses. Visiting different Alabama locations and employing the help of experts, Destin’s quest leads him to a mysterious type of glass with surprising properties. A National Geographic Production. 

Length: 23 minutes

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