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Cornish Miners in America (04:45)


By 1900, nearly one-third of the Cornish population had immigrated to America. These hard rock miners settled in California, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Cornish Immigrants: Hardships in America (04:16)

In the 1830s, the first Cornish immigrants in Wisconsin to work the lead mines. An immigrant's granddaughter tells a story of hardship and fortitude of her forefathers. The Cornish brought Methodism with them.

Cornish Farmers Today (05:25)

Some Cornish immigrants opted to turn to farming in the New World. Many farmers today feel kinship with one another and proudly relate stories about their parents and grandparents.

Welsh Immigrants to America: Successful Assimilation (07:55)

Having valuable skills to offer, most Welsh miners settled in Pennsylvania to work in the mines and quarries. Welsh descendants recall why their forefathers left Wales and came to America in the mid-1800s.

Skilled British Textile Workers in American Mill Towns (05:58)

Archival photographs show British children working in textile mills. Skilled British textile workers got the best jobs in mill towns of New England such as Lawrence, Massachusetts.

British Immigrant Narratives (05:38)

Archival photographs and immigrant narratives provide viewers with detailed images of the experiences of British assimilation in to American industry and society.

Long Hours and Low Wages in Textile Mills (04:46)

British textile workers put in 12-hour shifts and made meager wages. Workers share memories of the hardships of working in the American textile mills, where they had no breaks, no accident insurance, and worked for menial wages.

Textile Strike and Mill Shutdowns (05:42)

Eyewitnesses and archival film footage provide details of the 1912 Lawrence textile strike. The British immigrants were unwilling participants in the strike. By the 1930s, the northeastern mills shut down and many British returned home.

Immigrants Exploited for Cheap Labor (03:30)

Faced with language barriers, immigrants to Lawrence, MA, included Puerto Ricans and Ecuadorians who were exploited for cheap labor. Retired British workers reminisce about the early days in the mills.

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The British had it the easiest of all. As long ago as the settlement in Jamestown, they came not to escape poverty but to find prosperity. As a group, they found it the easiest to reap the material rewards of an expanding America. (52 minutes)

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