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College or Not (00:43)


Reason TV's Alexis Garcia welcomes author and law professor Glenn Reynolds. He argues that parents should have a good reason to send children to university.

University Expenses (01:03)

Reynolds says that students should be sure they will have a return on their educational investment.

Student Debt (01:37)

Student loan debt changed young peoples' opinion of attending college. Declining enrollment and price resistance caused some schools to offer discounts and financial aid.

University "Bubble" (00:47)

Law schools lay off faculty and tuition driven institutions see decreased enrollment.

College Degree Implications (00:56)

Employers still require a four year degree as an indication of responsibility and background—but it's an expensive credential.

College Alternatives (01:07)

Reynolds discusses increased vocational certification programs. Work place competency tests are being developed, allowing students to bypass college.

Employer Support of College Alternatives (01:12)

Industries such as manufacturing promote vocational certificates because many graduates lack work skills. Reynolds discusses college as a status symbol.

Tuition Inflation (00:44)

Reynolds believes the college "bubble" would have burst, regardless of the recession. Tuition costs have increased at double the rate of incomes.

Return on College Investment (00:46)

Reynolds' daughter attends an art program at an inexpensive state school.

Selling the College Experience (01:14)

Reynolds outlines a business plan to provide a campus with dorms and amenities, but outsource teaching—such as High Point University in North Carolina.

Reforming Public Education (01:30)

Reynolds discusses flaws in the K-12 system. Online school, home schooling, and charter schools emerged as alternatives.

School Choices (01:18)

Inner city schools are losing students to alternative education; Reynolds sees charter schools as the way to save the public system.

Technology Saving Education (00:60)

Reynolds explains that technology allows schools to try alternative approaches such as the Khan Academy, where students watch lessons at home and then do "homework" in class.

"An Army of Davids" (00:42)

Since his 2006 book, Reynolds still feels that technology can empower educational changes.

Social Media Trends (01:09)

Reynolds believes the blogosphere is a force in social change.

Political Views (01:52)

Reynolds believes the two party system will not last because the public will demand real change. He is skeptical of Independents but hopes for realignment.

Reynolds' Hero (01:04)

Reynolds cites former Yale law professor Arthur Allen Leff as his favorite author and describes an article criticizing academia's moral pretentiousness.

Credits: Law Professor Glenn Reynolds on the Future of Higher Education and Student Loan Debt (00:10)

Credits: Law Professor Glenn Reynolds on the Future of Higher Education and Student Loan Debt

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Law Professor Glenn Reynolds on the Future of Higher Education and Student Loan Debt

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Author and blogger Glenn Reynolds discusses why Americans are spending more for a college education and how students are responding to increasing tuition costs. The discussion also includes Reynolds’ take on school choice, the state of the blogosphere, and whether or not both political parties are necessary. A Reason TV production.

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