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Otto Wagner (01:54)


Wagner built the Post Office Savings Bank between 1903 and 1906. Learn about his previous works and conversion to modern architecture.

Post Office Savings Bank (02:01)

The bank opened in 1880, housed in a temporary building. Wagner tested new design theories and won the bid for the new building.

Bank Construction (02:01)

The bank covers an entire trapezium shaped block; it was built in two sections. Learn Wagner's techniques that allowed for quick construction.

Exterior Style (02:56)

Thousands of iron studs decorate the outside of the building. Wagner scaled down his original design plans for statues on the outside of the bank.

Bank Offices (02:24)

The office areas were left open to accommodate the staff's changing needs. Wagner included provisions for cleanliness in his design.

Bank Features (02:05)

View the bank's safety deposit box vault, public entrance, and banking hall.

Natural Lighting (03:55)

Wagner's glass and steel designs were more functional and economical than other buildings of the time.

Beauty and Function (02:20)

Wagner was fascinated with using aluminum. Learn how his designs created a flow of movement throughout the bank.

Bank Hierarchy (03:14)

Wagner used color and chair design to show bank employee levels of importance.

Political Considerations (03:04)

Wagner began the second part of the bank in 1910, leaving a visual break between the two halves. Explore the reasons why the banks might have chosen Wagner as the architect.

Credits: The Vienna Savings Bank: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:34)

Credits: The Vienna Savings Bank: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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Otto Wagner designed one of the first office blocks of the 20th century, radically departing from the style of architecture traditionally associated with bank. Built between 1903 and 1906, the Vienna Savings Bank covered an entire block. While the glass and steel design was more functional than other buildings designed at that time, Wagner also expressed beauty with a flow of movement throughout the bank.

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