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Phaeno Science Center (01:10)


Zaha Hadid designed the museum in Wolfsburg, Germany from 2000 to 2005. (Credits)

Wolfsburg Autostadt (01:04)

Volkswagen built the city in 1938. In 2005, the science center was completed as an identity statement; learn about the company's family marketing concept.

Phaeno Location (00:38)

A canal and railroad separate the VW factory from Wolfsburg. The city located the science center strategically to attract Autostadt visitors.

Phaeno Concept (00:47)

Wolfsburg's Cultural Councilor proposed the science center for children and adults. The city held an international architectural competition.

Phaeno Architect (01:20)

Prior to the Wolfsburg project, Hadid had only completed a tram station and a ski jump. She studied math and became interested in architecture when returning to the Middle East.

Mysterious Structure (00:52)

One of Hadid's first major projects, the Phaeno building provides a new image for Wolfsburg. Without a facade, its concrete windows draw the eye.

Phaeno Design (01:57)

Hadid uses ten concrete "cones" to hold up the structure, emphasizing geometry. Diamond shapes provide lighting. She was inspired by a large scale bridge in Abu Dhabi.

Unifying Form, Function, and Shape (01:12)

Functional museum areas inhabit the cones supporting the building and facilitate vertical circulation—illustrating Hadid's achievement of modern architectural goals.

Main Exhibition Hall (02:10)

Scientific experiments include vision, energy, matter, movement, and information areas. An open area invites visitors to create a journey of discovery.

Phaeno Structural Support (01:50)

Cones provide points of reference in the main hall and carry the metallic roof. View Hadid's concentric cone design.

Phaeno Architectural Concept (01:23)

Rather than building from the ground up, Hadid's 3-D model visualized the concept from the roof to the ground. Hear her reflections on creating a landscape spatial experience.

Architectural Landscape (02:40)

Hadid uses triangular cones to create a complex space in the Phaeno exhibition hall, including a split level area.

Experimental Landscape (00:45)

Hadid's abstract yet functional design encourages Phaeno visitors to learn from science stations.

Phaeno Ceiling (00:41)

A metallic grid stabilizes the building and mirrors the landscape floor.

Phaeno Facades (00:58)

Hadid uses geometric cut outs to protect experiments from sunlight on the south side, and large windows on the north side.

Urban Situation (01:01)

Located between industrial and downtown areas, Hadid's design provides a crossroads, rather than a barrier.

Phaeno Public Space (01:29)

Organic architecture best describes the cones' effect. Wolfsburg allows sports viewings under the science center.

Wolfsburg Rivalry (01:15)

Phaeno and the VW Autostadt face one another over a footbridge comprised of two different materials.

Gender Stereotypes (00:41)

Hadid reflects on her experience as a female Iraqi architect working in Europe.

Grand Architecture (01:29)

The only woman to have won the Pritzker Prize, Hadid's Phaeno design reconciles sculptural desire with the needs of a public area—solving several design problems at once.

Credits: Phaeno, Building As Landscape: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:26)

Credits: Phaeno, Building As Landscape: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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Zaha Hadid's Phaeno Science Center is spaceship like structure located between downtown Wolfsburg and the VW Autostadt. A great concrete and glass triangle, the project satisfies two ambitions: for Hadid, it is one of her first major works; and for the city, it is a statement of identity in the face of Volkswagen’s powerful tax base. Built on large cone bases housing museum reception, café, and gift shop areas, the main exhibition hall contains 250 scientific experiments providing learning and amusement opportunities for children and adults. The building frees public space below and suggests a way of being part of the world and yet feeling space; as Zaha Hadid says: “the landscape is the plan.”

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