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Jewish Cemeteries in Germany (01:31)


Architect Daniel Libeskind built the Jewish Museum in Berlin from1993-1998. Libeskind was impressed by abandoned cemeteries with crypts.

Jewish Museum Location (01:56)

Only a Baroque building remained from the bombed out center of Berlin. Libeskind discusses the location of the museum and magnitude of the endeavor.

Nicknamed "Lightning" (01:31)

Inspired by Schoenberg's unfinished opera "Moses und Aron," Libeskind titled his proposal "Between the Lines." Broken lines of the structure and facades reiterate discontinuity.

Interconnected Buildings and Histories (02:15)

Hidden in the trees, the museum is hardly visible from the road. Seemingly separate, the museum entrance is inside its Baroque neighbor, intertwined by passageways.

Axes of German Judaism (04:01)

From the concrete tower, three intersecting corridors represent three paths: continuity, exile and death. Only the axis of continuity rises through a narrow staircase to the museum.

Closed Off Paths (04:47)

The paths to exile and death lead to exhibition areas of photos and drawings. A black door leads to the Tower of the Holocaust. The path of exile leads to the disorienting Garden of Exile.

Museum Facade (03:25)

The concrete towers and pillars are distinct from the zinc-covered main building. Gashes cut the facade for oddly shaped windows. In 1999, the empty museum opened to visitors.

Re-Inauguration (01:17)

In September 2001, the museum was officially re-inaugurated with over 4,000 objects witnessing Jewish presence in Germany.

Museum Voids (02:32)

Concrete towers intersect the building, creating voids within the structure. A line of skylights across the zigzagged structure is the only evidence of the internal towers.

Void of Memory (02:16)

The Void of Memory is the only one accessible to the public; old metal audio and video reels cover the floor.

Credits: The Jewish Museum Berlin: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (01:01)

Credits: The Jewish Museum Berlin: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum in Berlin asks where architecture begins and ends, and whether it is possible to build in the places where everything has been destroyed without obliterating the traces of what no longer exists.

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