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Igualada Cemetery Background (02:19)


In 1985, the city set aside a parcel for a new park and cemetery. Catalan architects Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos won the design competition.

Igualada Cemetery Concept (01:22)

Miralles and Pinos wanted to return bodies to the earth. Their design buried niche boxes in concrete facades.

Igualada Cemetery Design (02:07)

A pathway leads between niches built into concrete facades leaning at parallel angles.

Budget Constraints (01:49)

Family vaults are placed in gabions and empty concrete slabs lie in a cul-de-sac. The "Z" shaped niche pathway is cut short.

Niche Design (01:25)

View Miralles' construction photos. Hear niche dimensions and learn about decomposition standards.

Niche Details (02:59)

Learn about the facade's visual effects. The architects planned rusted metal tablets, but families chose marble.

Communal Grave (01:32)

View a prefabricated facade next to niches. The architects located the communal grave centrally, under a cast iron plate.

Landscape Architecture (00:57)

Hear Miralles' reflections on dedicating the Igualada Cemetery to tree growth.

Igualada Cemetery "River" (01:22)

The architects created a walkway of railway sleepers and concrete to help visitors in the bereavement process.

Inspired by Ruins (00:56)

Igualada Cemetery architecture seems to dissolve into the earth. Hear Pinos' reflections on nature reclaiming the built environment.

Visual Design Technique (01:12)

Construction continued after Pinos and Miralles separated in 1990. Miralles continued photographing progress and cut up images as notes.

Chapel and Autopsy Lab (01:25)

The double function building lies behind a concrete facade. View curving glass walls in the autopsy lab.

Chapel Design (03:01)

The Igualada Cemetery chapel and autopsy lab are underground. View the unfinished chapel, with geometric concrete ceiling incisions providing light—inspired by Le Corbusier.

Igualada Cemetery Land Art (01:10)

Invisible under a vegetable roof, the chapel blends into the countryside. Miralles compared his projects to ongoing conversations.

Igualada Cemetery Intention (01:21)

Miralles died in 2000 and is buried at Igualada. He and Pinos envisioned the project as dissolving into the countryside—like its inhabitants.

Credits: The Igualada Cemetery: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:29)

Credits: The Igualada Cemetery: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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What should we do with our dead? Incinerate them? Bury them? Make them disappear? Keep them nearby and visit them? A memorial spanning 20th century architecture and inspired by Le Corbusier and Richard Long, the Igualada Cemetery merges into the countryside near Barcelona. As in the rest of Spain, the dead are not buried, but rather piled into niches, superimposed tombs. Designed by Catalan architects Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos at the start of their careers, it features oblique concrete facades, river-like pathways, and an underground chapel. The unfinished project combines building and thoroughfare elements, and is intended to return to the earth. 

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